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Earth Primeval by habu


 Something wild and whacky and funky and chilling and thought-provoking from the steady hand and fecund mind of habu. In these six variously mystical, damning, challenging, and humorous Earth Day–themed stories, habu strips the relationship of human beings to the Earth and heavens—at or near the beginning of time—down to the basic elements of man’s relation to nature and spirit in a primitive-beat, erotic mix of different approaches to shared fundamental questions. Who is in charge here? And how do we, as human beings, connect to and adjust our own basic wants and desires to the glories and delicate balance of the universe?

Warnings: This story contains graphic language, m/m and m/f sex scenes, and bondage.

Word Count: 17,051




I stood at the opening of our shelter of branches and thought I could hear the approach from afar of the hard, shiny-covered monsters and of their “development” of my world. I thought deeply and pulled from the internal treasure box where I had kept it safe for so many suns the wisdom that my mother had given me when her time had come. She had told me that I would know, just as the animals of the forest knew, when my passage time would come. And, like the animals of the forest, when that time came I should simply walk into the forest—into the arms of Mother Earth—and, like the animals of the forest, Mother Earth would welcome me and return me to her womb. My mother had said that this was the natural way, and then she had walked into the forest, and I had not followed her, knowing that it was her time and that my keening for her would only make her time difficult when it should be joyous for her. I waited until she had been swallowed by the trees of the forest and then I did keen for her. But I was really keening for myself and my loss of her.

Too late now to keen for Virile Oak and my lost son, Precious Oak. They were at peace with Mother Earth now. And there was no holding back the relentless advance of the hard, shiny-covered monsters, either.

So, taking one last look at the shelter of branches in which I had been bred so well and so often and with a small wave at the other woman crouched around the village and keening their loss of not only their own breeders but their whole way of life, I turned and walked and let the forest swallow me.

I had walked for many steps into the forest, into the very center of it that was still as beautiful and fecund as our whole world had been before the hard, shiny-covered monsters had appeared at the edge of the meadows. And when I was tired, I just turned my back to a mighty, old oak tree and waited for Mother Earth to gather me back into her womb.

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