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Coupling Two by Sommer Marsden, editor


Sex, love and climaxes. In Coupling Two, we're here again to explore more of the joys, pleasures and flat out kinks of being part of a couple. Four of today's hottest erotica authors explore what coupling means to them. Selena Kitt, Alison Tyler, Willsin Rowe and Sommer Marsden put the Mm... in commitment. Join us for some titillating, tender and downright dirty moments. From the most intimate kind of stress release, to a sizzling anniversary celebration, foreplay of the voyeuristic kind and a much needed union after a dangerous situation, join us in Coupling Two to get a taste of something a bit sweet, a bit spicy and a lot sexy.

Warnings: This title contains sex and graphic language.  
Word Count: 54,000






The phone rang a couple of times before Jen picked up.


I put on a southern accent. “Hi there, little lady. Is your mommy home?”

“Yes, sir, she is. But she’s in my bed with Mr Ridge’s cock up her ass.”

“Dammit, Jen...how do you always know it’s me?”

“A little thing I like to call ‘Caller ID’.”

“Oh, that old trick...” I lost my voice for a second.

“Sweetie? Have those pilots been misbehaving again?”

“Aw, a couple of cowboys with more cock than pit. Plus a freak windstorm hit about midday. It was all I could do to keep ’em in the air.” I never see the faces, they never see me. So it’s abstract and impersonal. But on the bad days I swear I can feel the weight on my shoulders. The thousands of lives I hold in my hands. All depending on me to make every decision right. And today had been a bad day.


“Did you try some creative visualization?”

“That never really took.”

“There’s that new yoga place. Give that a try?”

“Yeah...I guess...”

“Sweetie, if it helps...I just put a lamb roast in the oven.”

“That’s...” I couldn’t think about food. There was something I needed so much more. “Jen, would you...”


“Would you let me see Midge tonight?”

“Wow. That bad a day, huh?”

“Please? You know I love you, right? It’s not about that.”

“Of course. And I love you.” She didn’t sound hurt, or worried, which was a good sign. She sighed, and I could almost hear her head shaking. “Okay then, sweetie. Just...save some for me?”

“You’re the best, Jen.”

* * * *

I pulled into the driveway and killed the engine. My hands shook just a little as I stepped down from the cab. Jen had been at me for months to get rid of my big old beast, maybe get one of those hybrid cars. Truth was, I didn’t need a fucking behemoth like this, but if my father or brother ever saw me in a hybrid, they’d probably hold an intervention for me.

I knocked quietly, the way Midge prefers it. She called out in her sweet voice, telling me to wait a minute.

I pulled out my cellphone and turned it off. All part of the rules. I leaned against the wall as a minute turned to two. The sun’s heat was still in the bricks. It seeped through my jacket and into my skin. She’d come open the door when it was time.

Already I felt the tension easing. It wasn’t just the warmth on my back. It was the anticipation. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love Jen; her style, her drive and efficiency, her caring nature. She’s a beautiful modern woman.

But Midge is something else. She evokes those times when my biggest worry was scoring enough weed to get through my exams.

I heard movement close to the door, and seconds later she drew it open.

I smiled at the vision before me. Her petite frame always looked so inviting in the cinched waist of her floral house-dress. Blond hair tightly bound in a bun. Her high, high heels brought her up almost to my shoulder. I could pick her up, throw her over my shoulder and still run the hundred meters in under 15 seconds. Not that I ever would.

“Come in, Marcus.”

I did exactly as I was told, walking into the living room and stopping. “How are you, Midge?”

“Oh, I’m dandy, Marcus. Won’t you take a seat?”

I fell heavily into the soft cushioned sofa and moaned with relief.

“Take off your shoes.” She never says ‘please’. I never say ‘no’. “Socks, too.”

“I’m so glad you’re here, Midge. I had some trouble today at work. It was-”

“Shh...” She sat on my lap, side-saddle, and started working my buttons. My shirt came away from my shoulders and she pulled me forward, drawing it completely off. “You’re very handsome, Marcus.”

“Thank you.”

She traced her fingers down through the hair on my chest and thumbed my nipple. I squirmed with the uncomfortable thrill as she brought it tingling to life.

I felt my breath and my pulse juddering against each other as she spread my thighs and knelt between them. Her hot breath coursed over my skin as she leaned across to take my nipple into her mouth. She sucked gently on it as she squeezed the other. She let it slip from her lips with a liquid sound that spread a fire across my chest.

Her little hands worked my belt open. “Stand up, Marcus.” Of course I did as I was told. She dragged my pants and boxers off, leaving me standing before her, naked in the afternoon sun that streamed through the windows.

Midge stood and turned her back to me.

“Unzip me, Marcus.”

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