Feminized by a Female MMA Fighter by Victoria Marlowe

  • ISBN: 9781504501545
  • Written by: Victoria Marlowe


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Rose Black is a beautiful, ass-kicking lady MMA fighter. Dennis Johnson is a wealthy submissive male who longs for a woman to dominate him. When the two of them meet, Rose forces Dennis to become Denise, a feminized sissy slut and personal slave. You’ll love seeing how Rose humiliates and tortures her prey in this steamy forced feminization story.

Warnings: This story contains graphic descriptions of forced feminization, female domination, and male humiliation.
Word Count: 9,000



Their white-hot cum soaked the back of Denise’s head and ran down her back. Seconds later the remaining three men shot their loads as well. Denise was covered in sperm and urine, front and back. One of the men, his dick still hard, rubbed his cockhead on her face, spreading the liquid all over her features. All at once, the five men pointed at Denise and began to taunt her. “What a pathetic sissy!” one shouted. “She’s a worthless cock whore, that’s for sure!” said another. Their laughter echoed against the walls.
I saw the total defeat and despair in Denise’s face as the last tiny shred of her dignity and self-respect vanished. That sight sent me into yet another orgasm, and I arched my back and bellowed as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me. 

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