The Professor Caught Me Cheating by Jamie Fairfax

  • ISBN: 9781504502061
  • Written by: Jamie Fairfax


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Kim was a quiet, hard working co-ed but she had taken on too big a course load so as to satisfy her South Korean tiger mom. As she was falling behind she had bought a paper off the internet for one of her classes. When she is called to Professor Kincaid’s office she fears the worst. And she is right, she’s been caught. When Kim tells the Professor she’ll do anything to get off the hook and not fail his class, or even worse get expelled, she assumes he will want to have his way with her. She feels ashamed but since the Professor is hot she is also a bit excited. She is shocked when the Professor tells her she is to receive a good spanking on a weekly basis but he will not penetrate her unless she asks for it. Kim figures she’ll just take the spankings and won’t even give herself to the Professor. But little does she know how hot the spankings are going to be and just how excited she will get. And when she does beg the Professor to have his way with her she’ll find out that her education is going to take a very different turn. This hot action features a professor/student relationship with bdsm, hot sex and oral action. Intended for 18 or over only. This story was part of After School Special: 15 Book Excite Spice MEGA Bundle.


Warnings: This story contains bdsm, spanking, graphic sex, and professor student erotica.
Word Count: 7000



“Good choice Kim and from now on when you’re in this office you’ll address me as Sir; outside of class and this office you can call me Richard. Now go lock my office door.”
“Yes Sir,” Kim walked over and locked the door, as she turned she saw Richard had gotten up and removed his sweater and his shirt leaving only his slacks and a black t-shirt on. Kim was surprised how muscular the Professor was. He was at least six feet tall, probably a bit more, and with his glasses off and in the tight black tee he looked downright hot. She also realized he looked younger than in class; maybe he was in his late twenties or early thirties. Kim had recently turned twenty so perhaps their age difference might not be very big. Maybe this is going to be a better situation than I thought. She suddenly became aware she had been staring at him and he had noticed it.
He was looking at her with a slight smirk on his face. “Like what you see,” he asked and she blushed from head to toe.
She lowered her head and replied, “You look very different Sir.”
“Look at me Kim,” and she raised her head. “You didn’t answer my question; do you like what you see?”
“Yes Sir, I do, you look very hot dressed like that.”
“Good, now I want to see you, please remove all your clothes.”
Kim hesitated but realized she had already agreed to be naked so she turned around and began to remove her clothes.
“Do not turn your back to me Kim!” Richard exclaimed and Kim turned around quickly.
She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and laid it down on the sofa. She slipped her shoes off and then she slid her jeans down and off. She stood there dressed only in her bra and panties and hesitated. Richard pointed to the bra and panties without saying a word and Kim slipped them off. She stood in front of him totally naked feeling very exposed.
“Stand straight Kim, place your arms behind your back and spread you legs a little wider.” She did as she was told I can’t believe I’m standing in an office completely naked. No one had ever seen her like this, totally naked in broad daylight. Even with her two boyfriends she had only been naked when in bed, she always covered up as soon as she got out of bed.
Richard walked over to her and stood close to her. He towered over her five foot five inch frame. He ran his hands over her shoulders and down her arm, then moved his hand over one breast and gently caressed it, then did the same to the other breast. .....

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