The Red Period by Dalton

  • ISBN: 9781504502733
  • Written by: Dalton


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Celeste is beautiful, successful artist who was badly injured both mentally and physically. This is the story of how she takes control of her life back by harnessing her sexuality, the essence of what it means to be a woman and iron-willed control. Slowly, we watch a wounded person rebuild herself step by step, act by act until she emerges whole, strong and more in touch with who she really is.

Warnings: This story contains graphic language, f/m sex, m/m sex, threesome sex, bondage, menstruation and a description of rape.
Word Count: 19,000



I watched the tiny raindrops sparkle like diamonds on my windshield. Cool night air tickled my cheek from the open window beside me, and the moon glowed dimly behind puffy clouds. I watched him jog to the car, his small body moving smoothly with fluid grace. He climbed into the passenger seat and turned to kiss me. I pulled back, looked into his brown eyes. “Is it done?” I asked, my voice hard.
He looked down and nodded. “Show me.”
“How about when we get to your place?” he asked, his voice just above a whisper. He looked up, and my eyes crushed him into his seat. His lower lip quivered and his hands shook slightly as he opened his khakis and exposed himself to me. My nipples crinkled against the soft cotton of my blouse, and I breathed deeply.
“Take them off,” I said, my voice even harder.
“Someone will see. I’ll get arrested,” he stammered, his voice pleading, his eyes welling.
I raised my window and gestured around the tiny cabin of the Porsche. “With these windows? Don’t be silly. Now take them off or get out.”
He looked around at the heavily tinted windows and bit his lower lip. I watched as he kicked off his dock-siders and raised his ass from the seat. He awkwardly slid the pants down his slender legs and left them in a heap at his feet and sat back in the seat, now fully exposed.
“She did a nice job,” I said, looking down at his manhood, now hairless thanks to the work of my waxer. “Hurt, didn’t it?” I asked, a small smile playing on my lips.
He nodded, and a tear spilled down his cheek.

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