Hot for Teacher by Barrie Abalard

  • ISBN: 9781609823931
  • Written by: Barrie Abalard


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 Learning discipline in the grad school of love…

Forty-two-year-old widow Rosemary Lockhart longs for her late husband, Charlie, and his spankings and erotic domination. Wunderkind thirty-two-year-old grad school professor, Jonathan Kent, craves an older woman who will submit to spankings and his will in the bedroom. When Rosemary registers for his course, “European Erotic Literature,” the attraction between them instantly flames, despite the rule against teachers and students becoming lovers.

Nevertheless, the two are drawn to each other, sharing a longed-for kiss that only serves to put distance between them. Near the end of the semester, when Rosemary must ask for more time to work on her term paper, she offers her bottom up for caning as the punishment for lateness. Once Jonathan agrees to cane her one stroke for every day the paper is late, the heat between them rages out of control. They have hot, rough sex on his desk, something both of them enjoy but immediately regret.

After she turns in her paper late, Rosemary shows up the next day at Jonathan’s office for her caning, miserably in love with her professor but resigned to never having him. Instead, she discovers a note with an unexpected offer.

Will Rosemary and Jonathan manage to overcome their fears, insecurities, and the disparity in age and teacher-student? HOT FOR TEACHER brings these two wounded lovers together, healing their hearts and educating them both in a grad-school course of lusty love.

Warnings: graphic language, oral sex, masturbation, spanking, caning, anal sex, M/f domination, older woman/younger man, a sexual assault (not by hero) that stops short of intercourse.

Word Count: 29,300


Jae, Dark Diva Reviews, 4/5 Divas!

"The D/s scenes were very hot and well thought-out. The suspenseful sections were very intense and moved the story forward nicely...I’m quite glad I read Hot For Teacher and I’ll be on the lookout for more books by Barrie Abalard."

Gabrielle, You Gotta Read Reviews

"...the sex scenes were hot and intense... I liked the author’s style..."


“You know, students in England are caned for talking in class.”

Professor Kent glared at both Rosemary and Mark, but mostly at her. She dropped her gaze to her notes, pretending to edit them.

Kent resumed his lecture once he realized she wasn’t going to fight him. She then shot a sideways glance at Mark, giving a slight nod to indicate that coffee was fine with her.

Again, the imp in the back of her mind started listing Kent’s assets—strong, chiseled nose, square jaw, and god-awful piercing gray eyes. She swallowed when she considered confessing her wrongdoings while looking into those eyes. He also had nice teeth.

Teeth? What am I, a livestock appraiser?

Kent tilted his glasses a bit to make a point. With a shock, she realized he was wearing the same wire-rimmed frames her Charlie used to wear, the kind that always looked one step behind the current fashion in eyewear.

However, Kent was off limits, no matter how much she lusted after him. Not only was he her teacher, he looked all of twenty-five. She, on the other hand, was past forty.

For the remainder of class, she tried not to watch him. Their heated exchange had both infuriated and aroused her, but she didn’t want to lose control of her feelings for her professor.

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