Family Reunion by Commander James Bondage

  • ISBN: 9781504503563
  • Written by: Commander James Bondage


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In part one, Mr. Stern’s Island, the daughters of billionaire Charles Pennington have been kidnapped by Robert Stern, to bait the trap for his ancient enemy, but a wrench is thrown into Stern's plans when Pennington is killed in an air crash, thus depriving him of the main object of his wrath. Fortunately for Stern a substitute is available: Charles’ beautiful widow and Stern’s former fiancée, Katherine Pennington. Stern has her abducted and brought to his secret island headquarters to be punished in place of Charles. Now a prisoner along with her step daughters Alex and Caroline, and their former tutor Karen Andrews, Katherine will be subjected to the same ingenious torments of the sadistic Stern has used on the others to turn her into a responsive, obedient slave. But someone is still looking for the beautiful heiress, and there is chance she and the others may be rescued from Stern..

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