My Debut as a Slut by Jean Roberta

  • Written by: Jean Roberta


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Athena, the only child of two famous scholars, has spent too much time in the university library, working on her Ph.D. thesis. She ventures out to the local dyke bar to do a new kind of research, and she meets Brock, a biker dyke who knows a few things about Dominance and submission. As Brock’s property, Athena gets a new name and new clothes for her trip to the country, where she must please Brock’s friends, a man and a woman.



Brock's tanned, expressive face looked radiant. "Did I tell you my old buddy Keith is back in town?" she asked conversationally. "He wants to meet you." One of her hands was sliding over my hip, then pulling down the zipper of my pants. Her hot fingers burrowed under my panties on a downward expedition over my quivering belly.

"Brock," I whispered. "We can't do it here."

"Sssh," she grinned back. "Do you want everyone in the place to hear you?" Her fingers reached my clit. After a dramatic pause, they teased it like a cat playing with a mouse.

I was in exquisite distress, as usual whenever I was in Brock's company. I felt my wetness gushing over her determined fingers, making it pointless for me to deny the obvious. I clenched my teeth to hold back a moan.

"You're too quiet," she warned me. "If you're not going to talk to me, make some noise."  She pushed in until two of her fingers were knuckle-deep in my cunt. Their insistent stroking pulled my attention back to where she wanted it.

"Keith?" I babbled desperately. "Is that the guy who sells --?" I spread my legs and tilted back to give her more room. A man at the next table seemed to be watching us, but I couldn't afford to look at him.

Brock's fingers sank in as far as they could. "Yep," she remarked, and in a lower voice:  "sit forward." I obeyed, and the resulting friction brought me to a crisis-point.

"Quiet," smiled my tormenter in a classic dykey monotone as though talking around a cigarette. "Don't hold back.  Go for it, baby." The pressure on her fingers must have been considerable, but she didn't seem to mind.

I gripped the table with one hand while holding my jacket with the other. My urge to ride her fingers had to be suppressed, so I did inner aerobics by squeezing her with my muscles.

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