Rule of the Mistress by Alex Jordaine

  • Written by: Alex Jordaine


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Punishment Manor is run by Angelica on behalf of its owner Donna, a lifestyle dominatrix. It is where wealthy Mistresses send their slaves when they need more extreme discipline. Things go wrong at the Manor when Angelica’s second-in-command, Monique, runs off with one of its inmates, Kit – who happens to be the slave of Donna’s close friend, Corinne.

Fortunately it doesn’t become the disaster it might have been for Donna. This is because Corinne is actually pleased to see the back of Kit. Indeed she already has his potential replacement squarely in her sights. Corinne gets to work on mild-mannered lawyer Simon convinced of his innate sexual submissiveness and that she’ll be able to mold him into a far better slave than Kit has ever been.

Meanwhile Angelica and her kinky cohorts begin a relentless regime of disciplining the latest batch of inmates at Punishment Manor: the disobedient and recklessly self-indulgent Paul, faint-hearted Jake and a nervous novice called Ewan. Donna’s lying slave Adam is sent to join their number after she tricks him into revealing just how untrustworthy he’s capable of being.

 But after a while sparks begin to fly between Angelica and Adam. Is history about to repeat itself at the Manor, this time disastrously? At the same time Corinne is finding Simon less compliant than she’d hoped. She is not prepared to budge an inch with him though. It’s all or nothing with her.



Ewan was back in his dark sparsely-furnished room. He lay on the bed, flat on his back with his erection pointing at the ceiling. What Angelica and Lana – both of them clothed in those amazingly seductive outfits of power and pleasure – had done to him in the dungeon had been mind-blowing.

Images of it were circling through his head endlessly: the way they’d strapped him spread-eagled to the St. Andrew’s cross and beaten his ass so severely, so exquisitely too; the foot worship demanded of him by Angelica and the pussy worship by Lana. Then there’d been that final thrilling homage from him that Angelica had wanted.

He could see himself on his knees tonguing her anal hole, pressing his tongue deep into the tight sheath of muscle. The thought of it made him tremble with excitement. In his mind’s eye he could see it all so clearly: his face buried in the softness of Angelica’s backside, his tongue pushing in and out of her anus as her fingers did the same between the lips of her pussy.

Involuntarily, he reached down and touched his hard cock, almost climaxing right there and then. The images inside his head were incredibly vivid and strong, the desire raging within him powerfully erotic. Ewan immediately snatched his hand away from his erection. He knew he wasn’t allowed to masturbate at Punishment Manor unless instructed to do so by one of the Mistresses. Lana had made a point of emphasising that particular rule to him when she’d given him his initial briefing. There was no way he would disobey…

He didn’t complete the thought. At that moment the door to his room was flung open and there stood Angelica. The dominatrix was still in the skintight black leather micro-minidress and long high-heeled boots she’d had on in the dungeon. She closed the door behind her and strode across the room.

Gazing accusingly in the direction of his huge erection, she asked, “Have you been masturbating, slave?”

“No I haven’t, Mistress,” he stated unequivocally, starting to get up.

“Stay where you are,” she demanded.

“Yes, Mistress,” he said, and he put his head back on the pillow.

Angelica sat on the edge of the bed and looked at him. “You haven’t even touched your erection since you’ve been back in your room, slave?” she probed, her lips pursed

Ewan tried to swallow but found his throat was dry. He gave a little cough. “I did just touch it once, Mistress,” he confessed. “I did it without thinking and once I’d realised what I’d done I immediately stopped.”

Angelica reached across the bed and let her hand find his erection. “Don’t let it happen again,” she told him sternly, slapping hard the bulbous head of his cock.

“Yes, Mistress,” Ewan said, wincing at the biting pain.

There was a silence for a few seconds. Then she said, “But I haven’t come here to punish you, slave.”

He blinked. “No, Mistress?”

“No, I’ve come here to reward you for the most impressive way you conducted yourself in the dungeon earlier,” Angelica said with a smile. She reached out and touched her cool fingers to his brow.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he replied, resisting the impulse to grab her hand and shower her fingers with worshipful kisses.

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