The Placement of Modifiers by Jean Roberta

  • Written by: Jean Roberta


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The Placement of Modifiers: Dr. Chalkdust goes to the local LGBT bar, which she co-owns, and meets Bernie, an arrogant butch who doesn’t know who she is. Dr. Chalkdust lures Bernie to a private area, where she restrains Bernie for a private lesson. Bernie loves Dr. Chalkdust’s teaching style, and she learns not to make assumptions about small, feminine women.



Once both of Bernie’s ankles are held fast by the tin-can bands with a little lock on each, I explain what she can’t see. “You look delectable, Bernie.” I imagine her ass growing as flushed as her face, as it soon will. “Try not to move your feet at all because those cuffs have sharp edges. You could get cut if you struggle.”

She moans as though she can hardly believe how easy it is to sink into bottom space. I reach between her legs to check her soft cunt-folds, and find that she is already wetting the desk. Her clit is probably as large as it ever gets. “Good,” I tell her. “Your attitude seems much improved already.”

She twitches almost imperceptibly as I stroll to the small fridge, open it and remove the long plug of ginger that I peeled yesterday, hoping I would get a chance to use it. It feels cool, damp and slippery, even on the broader end that is designed as a handle.

She tenses immediately when I gently spread open her anus and push the plug into her, inch by inch. At first, I can sense her relief that the thing feels cool and harmless. As the heat of her body warms up the plug and brings out the natural qualities of ginger, she gasps.  “It burns.”

“So it does,” I agree. “It’s ginger, a very old remedy for listless horses and naughty schoolchildren in an era of corporal punishment. Let it focus your attention, Bernie.” I let her consider her dilemma for a few minutes as she squirms, trying to find a comfortable position.

I walk to the closet, open it and find what I’m looking for. I bring back a variety of implements, which I handle casually, just at the edge of her field of vision.

“Bernie,” I muse. “Is that short for Bernadette?”

“Yep. When are you going to take that thing out of my ass?”

“In awhile,” I assure her. “It needs to do its work. Ginger is wonderfully effective in curing arrogance.”

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