Tears from Heaven by Jean Roberta

  • Written by: Jean Roberta


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Didrick has been in exile from Dr. Chalkdust for two months because she accidentally let the professor's puppy run into the street, where he was run over by a car. Didrick is overwhelmed with guilt. She goes to Dr. Chalkdust's house on the appointed summer day, and lets herself be punished. At last, student and teacher grieve together in each other's arms, and forgive each other.


I part her legs and attach clothespins to her inner labia. I can see her thighs trembling, her solid flesh paradoxically shivering like water. I light the two candles and set them on shelves where they create brave, fragile circles of light in the dusk. I know that Didrick can see them faintly from behind her bandage. 

I run both my hands down her belly to her thighs, enjoying the white tracks my fingernails leave on her tanned skin. I know that I don't have time for a leisurely exploration of her body.  Quel dommage.  

I reach up to attach my remaining two clothespins to the inner flesh of her upper arms. This is to increase her tension, and I wonder if she realizes that it also increases mine.

Didrick's cunt is giving off a distinct aroma as she shifts from one foot to the other.  I want to torment her, and I want to bring her relief.  I slide down her body until I am gazing into 

her moist, curly brown bush.  I part it to find glistening pink flesh which moves slightly when I breathe on it.

She jumps when I enter her with my tongue, something I rarely do. I want the taste of her. I pull back when I can feel her hunger, and I switch to another medium. I quickly pull the clothespins off her labia, then reach into her wet heat with two exploring fingers. I scratch her inner folds, feeling for the most sensitive spot which she can't withhold from me. I hold her open so that I can push my man Woody into her, working up a compelling rhythm. A sudden spurt and surrender inside her enables me to bury my weapon to the hilt.  She moans gratefully. 

I slide my fingers over her clit. She gasps loudly as the orgasm she has been trying to control seizes her in its jaws and shakes her. Her cunt clenches around its hard instructor, weeping with pleasure, as her asshole squeezes its smaller plastic bookmark. She is trembling from her stretched arms to her feet.

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