The Femdom World of Alex Jordaine by Alex Jordaine

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These twelve unforgettable tales from the one and only Alex Jordaine are guaranteed to set your pulse racing as they delve into the darkest depths of Femdom BDSM. There are lashings of S&M sex and other deviant delights, and a kinky surprise around every corner.

Read how a rich masochist with an abduction fantasy is treated at the aptly named House of Domination. Find out how an ultra-cruel dominatrix gives her puppy slave a “treat” he’ll never forget; and how another sub finds himself becoming as much a slave to an insidious clock as he is to his sadistic Mistress. Learn what happens when a dominatrix tells her slave about her most outrageous sexual fantasies and desires, weaving a story for him where nothing but nothing is out of bounds.

Discover how one man’s dominant partner reacts when he succumbs to the urge to unleash the gorgeous woman he’s long felt has resided within him; and what happens when a handsome slave comes between two stunning latex-clad dominatrices in their outlandish dungeon games. Plus much, much more in this collection of unique, inventive and highly erotic stories that examine with great drama, intensity and wit the weird and wonderful world of Femdom BDSM.



Patrick, who was stark naked, stood trembling before Sylvie in the anteroom to the dungeon. Sylvie liked everything about this new slave, she’d decided. She liked his thick dark hair and handsome aquiline features. She liked his submissive blue eyes, which were covered at present by the soft black leather blindfold she’d put over them. She liked his sensuous lips, currently held apart by the red ball gag she’d buckled behind his head. She liked his athletic physique, pale and smooth and muscular. And she liked his great big hard-on.

Sylvie stroked her hand gently down the musculature of Patrick’s chest and stomach before grasping hold of his shaft. “You are giving me mixed messages, slave,” she said. “You’re sporting a truly impressive erection and yet you’re also shaking like a leaf. Could it be that you are feeling both excited and afraid?”

Patrick nodded his head to confirm that this was precisely what he was feeling.

“That is good to know, slave. It means you are in exactly the right condition to be presented to Mistress Helena,” Sylvie said. “Follow me,” she added, yanking at his erection. 

After a few steps Sylvie paused to open the door to the dungeon while continuing to hold onto Patrick’s shaft. After several more steps she let go of his cock. “Get onto your hands and knees, slave,” she said. “Make sure you also dip your back, spread your legs and push your backside out.”

Patrick had somehow managed to stop trembling. In the pitch-blackness behind his blindfold he tried to picture what the dungeon in which he was kneeling might look like. The floor beneath his hands and knees felt like – what? – polished hardwood? Yes, he was pretty sure that was what it was. He could hear two female voices, one of them Mistress Sylvie’s and the other that of Mistress Helena, he assumed. The voices of the two women echoed slightly as did the occasional sound of stiletto heels on the floor, and Patrick could easily imagine that the dungeon he was in was big and cavernous.

It was doubtless extremely well equipped too. There would be a rack lined with whips and canes and paddles and every other sort of disciplinary implement imaginable; he was sure of it. There would be dungeon equipment such as a St. Andrew’s cross and a number of whipping benches, a horse, and spreader bars hanging from ceiling chains, all of that equipment being – needless to say – of the highest quality money could buy.

“He’s quite muscular, isn’t he, Helena,” Sylvie said.

“I was admiring one of his muscles in particular when you led him in here by it,” Helena replied with a laugh. “That was a nice touch, I thought.”

“I’m sure he thought that too.” There was a sardonic smile in Sylvie’s voice.

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