Pitfalls of Desire: Winston by Jennifer Campbell

  • ISBN: 9781609822705
  • Written by: Jennifer Campbell


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 Winston Denning: a rich CEO of his own corporation who has four women wrapped around his finger. His wife Victoria lives in virtual slavery to him and is about to be condemned to a life as a stripper. His maid Gina has become his sex toy as has his corporate assistant Cassidy and worst of all; Tanya already a chastised sex slave whom he has forced to sell her body for money. Pitfalls of Desire tells the story of what happens when Victoria Denning stands up and along with the new found friends turns the tables on her husband in a most bizarre and sexual way.

Warnings: This title contains graphic depictions of male feminization, chastity, and forced sexual service.

Word Count: 62,223



“Get up, bitch, get Vicky her champagne. Another Chablis for me and be quick about dinner or you’ll feel my crop on your pretty backside!”

Instantly Abby rose to her feet and Vicky saw true fear in the girl’s gray eyes. Abby smoothed her latex skirt down and curtseyed low before leaving the sunroom, but she was just about to disappear from view when Lucinda spoke.

“Bring my crop with the drinks, slut. You’ve done a poor job on this boot.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Abby responded, but Vicky thought she saw the girl shiver noticeably.

Alone now, Lucinda offered Vicky a seat and continued the conversation. “So, what has happened with your bastard to make you so desperate to control him?”

“Okay, well, Winston’s always been abusive, something he covered well before I married him, but for the past two years our marriage has been loveless and sexless and has gone fast downhill for me. Yesterday I found out he plans to divorce me and turn me into a strip club whore. Today I just came from a woman he’s whored out for years and not keeps her in chastity so she can’t even touch her own body. Basically there are four of us; me, our domestic maid Gina who he’s been poking, Cassidy, his assistant at Denning who he’s fucking, and this woman I mentioned Tammy, and we all want to take him down and extract revenge on him.” Vicky stopped, but then she realized she’d forgotten the really important time factor. “This all hinges of course on getting him to sign documents turning over his ownership of the company to me. Without that, my personal finances will dry up quickly I’m afraid.”

“I see, he’s clearly in need of training and deserving of all measures of revenge. Let me start by assuring you that once he is here, undergoing my training, he will sign your documents within a week. I have no question of that, so you will own his company. What I’m more concerned with is guiding you to the right decision on his future fate, in other words what form your revenge will take. Does he have plans for you, to be executed soon?” Lucinda’s voice extruded a real confidence which made Vicky feel better.

“I was forced to strip and show for the club manager yesterday and I’m informed the next session of my training is to take place tomorrow night. I realize that’s very soon, so I’m willing to endure it as long as I don’t . . .”

Lucinda raised her hand to interrupt. “Nonsense, you’ll do no such thing, he can be taken tonight. Carina loves the action of a taking, and she’s on her way here now to join us. She’ll be simply thrilled to have a job tonight.”

Quietly Vicky breathed a sigh of relief, but she wondered how much this was all going to cost. She was already committed to Tanya’s expenses which she knew would include drug rehabilitation. Can I afford this? “Lucinda, how much will it cost to have him taken tonight?”

“Oh, yes, like all my married clients you are worried about money. Don’t fret, I’ve long since decided to do my work and then bill my clients, when they are in control of their husband’s fortunes and can easily pay.” Lucinda smiled and took Vicky’s hand.

Clients, how many times has she done this? “Do you have many clients, Lucinda?”

Lucinda laughed. “It may help you to think of me as a privateer, Vicky, afloat in a sea of rich bastards who steer their corporate ships with their trophy wives in virtual slavery to them. I capture the bastard, force him to sign over his ship and his fortune to you, and then I take a reasonable commission for my work. Of course it’s the actual work, the breaking and the training that I live for.” Again Lucinda’s cool confidence in her ability shone through making Vicky feel it all could be done and her Winston would be broken.

“One last question and I don’t mean to be rude, but what if he doesn’t break? I mean he really is a bastard and he loves his money.” Vicky suddenly felt a terror at the thought of what Winston would do to her if this failed and she was at his mercy.

“Well, it hasn’t happen yet, and I can guarantee there is one thing more important to Winston than his money.” Lucinda flashed a smile of pure evil.

Vicky was left to wonder at what Lucinda was referring for just then Abby returned. The maid was holding in her hands a silver tray with two glasses on it and a leather crop was firmly held in her teeth.

“Serve the drinks, whore, and bend over for your punishment.” Lucinda snapped her fingers and Abby quickly brought the tray first to Vicky and then to her Mistress. Lucinda took her Chablis and the crop and Abby set the tray down on a side table. With her face to Vicky, Abby bent over and easily exposed her bottom to Lucinda. A second later, Lucinda took a sip of wine and then lashed out cruelly with the crop.

“Perhaps you need to understand how males are controlled, Vicky. For all their muscular strength and bluster, they are really quite vulnerable creatures, their desire being their Achilles’ Heel. Once you control their constant desire you control them.” Lucinda continued to take slashing stroke with her crop on Abby’s bottom as she spoke and Vicky saw the girl’s pained facial expression and her tears of agony.

“See you can deprive a woman of sex, lock her in a chastity belt like what was done to your friend, but in itself that action doesn’t control her. Lock up a man’s penis, and show him you have control of his sexual pleasure and you own him making his punishment simply for extended amusement.” Lucinda stopped the torrid cropping of Abby’s ass, but the maid stayed still in her bent forward position facing Vicky as if she were afraid to move.

“Your little clitty is trying to get hard, isn’t it, Abby?” Lucinda mocked the maid. “Perhaps you should beg Vicky to play with your pussy. She might rub it for you and make you feel good.”

Vicky didn’t understand. Is she in a chastity belt, on her clit? But why would her pussy be open?

Lucinda saw the confusion in Vicky’s eyes. “Stand up, Abby, and pull up the front of your dress reveal to Vicky what you really are.”

Obediently Abby stood up and her hands pulling up the pink latex skirt to reveal a sight Vicky didn’t believe at first. Oh, my god, how can it be? She’s a, I mean, he’s a male. There, staring Vicky in the face was a flaccid male member trapped in a pink plastic chastity device which caged both Abby’s scrotum and her shaft making erection impossible. To add humiliation a fat, pink, sissy bow was tied just above the imprisoning device around Abby’s scrotum.

“Show your pretty breasts, slut.” At Lucinda’s command Abby unzipped the dress and exposed a pair of bounteous, enhanced breasts.

“Show your sissy pussy and maybe Vicky will want to finger you there.” At this command Abby whirled around and pulled her ass cheeks apart to show her bottom hole plugged with what looked like a huge pink butt plug.

Astounded, Vicky managed to mumble. “How, I mean how did you do this to him?”

“It’s mostly the training, making them behave and think as slutty little girlies, but then there are the physical enhancements which complete the effect nicely. This is going the distance, Vicky, what I would hope you would want for your bastard, but you can think about it as I know it’s a lot to take in.”

That’s a huge understatement. Can I do this to Winston? I’m not sure yet, but it is tempting, very tempting. Vicky looked over the enhanced she-male slave and was more and more pulled into the beauty of it. What better way to subjugate a man who disrespects and abuses women than to make him into one so he can suffer the same fate he dispensed. “Does he belong to you?”

“Please refer to Abby as she, Vicky, my conditioning convinces them they are female, imperfect but female, and it can be detrimental to the conditioning to refer to them as male.” Lucinda stood and reached out to fondle Abby’s chastised penis, touching the head to torment her. “It’s not your fault you have an ugly clitty which has to be locked up, is it?”

“No. Mistress, but you promised, someday.”

By the look on Abby’s face Vicky could tell this unspoken promise was incredibly important to Abby. “Promise, Lucinda?”

Lucinda giggled. “To take away her ugly clitty surgically and give her a beautiful new pussy so she can be a perfect girl.” Lucinda leaned over to Vicky’s ear. “It’s a dream I give them a goal to strive for, Abby will not like be granted it, her past life was too harsh to the women who knew the man she was.”

“I see, so she’ll be this way forever to serve women.”

Lucinda laughed softly. “Vicky, Abby doesn’t simply serve women, but let’s have dinner and by then Carina will be here and we’ll take you downstairs and show you. Believe me when I say, your eyes are just beginning to open to what we can accomplish with your Winston.”

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