Jess: A Dom’s Pride by P.R. Chase

  • Written by: P. R. Chase


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The right stars crossed, and she appeared before him. She captivated his Dom’s heart with her gifts of sweet submission, offerings of flesh that touched his soul. She became his Pride. She served him with abandon, melting against the caressing sting of his tools and the strength of his hand.

She was a new sub, having finally opened herself up to her secret longings. He had experience and training, but only the most worthy of submissives deserved his attention. From a chance meeting online, the two spun their fateful dance around each other, locked in a sacred energy exchange. The patience the Dom shows in each step—training her to accept his strokes, sending her into subspace, and bringing her as his faithful sub to an exclusive event—are each rewarded in full.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.
Word Count: 12,370



With only a wordless transmission of intent in my eyes, my hand drifted to the back of her head, and I balled her hair up in my fist, drawing it up and away from her scalp. She moaned, a sigh of relief mixed with abandon, letting my control lead her toward my kiss. I made contact with her parted lips, taking in the scent of her skin, and drifting against the softness of her tongue. This stirred something fresh in me: devoid of the panic of danger, captivating in its immediacy. Growing bolder in our passion after allowing the first few tentative kisses to anchor our comfort with each other, I pitched further forward, pressing an advantage, demanding more. My hand drifted to her thigh and she placed her hand against my chest. Our senses went blind, singular of purpose, a union of flesh and mind now communicating in ways language could never describe.

            I felt the rise of a greater will inside me, and for a moment I breathed out with its own power, seizing me throughout my body. It was the Dom. She was drawing it out of me, a submissive’s siren call—but it also arose of its free will, casting off its slumber of almost a year. Awakened now by this demonstration of invited desire, I rose onto the surface of the bed, my knees straddling her aching form. With my eyes locked unto hers, I brought my hand up from her thigh and onto her neck. Our pulses mingled and her skin sung out to me: an unmistakable call-and-echo of the flesh. Her voice broke into a tiny sigh as my other hand hardened its grip on her scalp, my two hands now at her head, molding it with unyielding caresses.

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