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The sadomasochistic adventures of JoeSmith continue in book two, in descriptive detail through the eyes of Sam. The tale picks up three months later as she’s moving into Ben and Terri’s guesthouse. The castle isn’t the only place where JoeSmith plays with his submissives.

Sam proves to be a strong, natural dominant when JoeSmith begins training her to expand on her deepest desires. She takes complete control of Mule and Terri, pushing them to their physical and sexual limits while JoeSmith watches on, admiring how easily she plays the role of Mistress Samantha.

After Terri and Ben leave on their honeymoon, Jason and Sam take time to explore each other’s kinky sexual desires while falling head over heels for one another. Upon his return, JoeSmith delves deeper into his erotic fantasies, pushing his subjects to their breaking point.

During a hostage situation, the life of the mighty and powerful Jason is threatened after becoming a hero to one of his employees.

Jason, Terri and Ben arrange a surprise for Sam that sweeps her off her feet, proving to her the seemingly unbreakable, loving bond between the four of them. A stay in the east wing of the castle during renovations proves to be erotic when a long-awaited tryst ensues between Terri, Sam and the dangerously alluring Lady Catherine. As a friendship develops between Sam and the glorious dominatrix, the truth about Jason is brought to light.



Mule groans loudly, huffing quickly to fight off his urge to orgasm in Terri’s ass while Lady Catherine strokes his cock from within Terri's pussy, with both of her hands. Terri isn't making any noise, she's just breathing slowly, in tempo with her mistress’s hands. Her eyes are half closed and she's blinking slowly, trying to maintain eye contact as ordered by her mistress. She is so zoned out that drool drips from her bottom lip just before she closes her mouth to swallow.

Lady Catherine pulls her left hand out enough to stroke Terri's clitoris. Her thumb slowly rubs across the swollen bundle of nerves and Terri's brows furrow. Her head tilts back, resting against Mule's chest. She's breathing very erratically now. Her chest rises and falls wildly. She screams out as a flood of cum pours from her, running down her mistress’s arm.

Mule yells, “Please, Lady Catherine, may I cum?”

“You may cum Mule,” Lady Catherine responds with incredible calmness in her voice. She watches his face contort as the much-needed relief overcomes him.

Every muscle in Mule's body flexes with great intensity. He groans loudly with the deepest wale I have ever heard come from him. Terri cries out, cumming again as his cock swells and spews his semen into her ass. His body shakes under the strain, accentuating the massive strength of his thighs, ass muscles and biceps. Between clenched teeth, he yells in his deepest voice, “Oh fuck! Fuck!” His hips start humping Terri in short bursts.

She's still orgasming very loudly. Lady Catherine increases her fist fucking and clit rubbing. Terri yells, “Oh, yes! Yes! Fuck! Fuck!” Her face goes red and her abdomen tightens. Her arms and legs pull hard against the ropes. Another flood pours from her, running down her mistress’s arm. Terri, at the height of her orgasm, screams out a long appreciation, “Thank you!”

Mule yells, “Fuck! Oh yeah, just like that. Fuck! I'm... cumming... again!” His voice fades out. His face flushes until it's nearly purple while he holds his breath, losing himself to his orgasm. He reaches over Terri's head and grasps the rope to help keep his balance as his body stiffens and jerks hard, several times. His cock slides out of her ass. His prick is soft! I can't believe it! When sex is involved, he's always hard, even after he cums five times.

His legs wobble and his knees give out, with him slipping down until he's on one knee, in a proposing position, gasping as he tries to catch his breath. His hands are still touching Terri’s thighs until his arms get too heavy and he can no longer hold them up. He lowers himself until he's lying on his back on the floor, knees bent, hair spread out wildly from his ponytail. Mule lays there, breathing quickly, knees still quivering. I’ve never seen him so sexually spent before. Lady Catherine has the magic touch to exhaust my man.

Lady Catherine pulls her hands from Terri’s overused cunt before standing. She kisses Terri's lips very softly before pulling off her gloves and dropping them on the floor. “Good girl. That was fun. Thank you.” She turns, puts her hand on JoeSmith's shoulder, silently thanking him for allowing her to play with his pet. She walks out without saying another word, closing the door behind her.

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