At Mother's Command 2 by Kay Brandt

  • Written by: Kay Brandt


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After her failed attempt to flee her parents estate, Max develops a secret crush on the handsome, mysterious Neil. Completely unlike the boys she dated in high school, Max develops a lusty attraction to the enigmatic young man, and willingly follows Neil's lead into the forbidden world of BDSM behind the watchful eyes of her family. Sumera entertains a new slave-in-training, distracting herself from Max's continued refusal to accept her as her mother, and creates a decadent plan for emancipating her first male and female subs in order to satisfy her daughter's demands. Rocco and Stella are caught in the middle, between obeying their mistress and wanting to please their daughter, and venture to an unknown, sexual territory at Sumera's command.



His mouth glided upon the stockings past her knees until he reached her luscious thighs, daring to peek at the center opening above his head—the uncovered entrance to his mistress's coveted womanhood—and saw how wet her hair-lined pussy lips were, aroused by his licks. Part of him expected his face to be slapped from going any further, and he wasn't afraid to receive the sting of Sumera's palm on his cheek. No smacks were given as he continued to slather her thighs, closer and closer to her precious pussy. Her labia tucked under closed folds of delicate skin, Rocco visualized putting his mouth there and finding her clit, then suckling on it till Sumera fed him from her lusty fountain.

Sumera's groans resonated with her passion, and she took Rocco's head into her hands, pulling him up by his ears, and shoved his mouth into her needy cunt. The verbal command wasn't given, but he knew what she expected from him. His tongue deftly maneuvered beyond Sumera's outer flesh, penetrating between the sticky warmth of her inner sanctuary to her labia in search of her swollen clit.

“Ahhh,” Sumera gasped, thrusting onto her husband's face. She watched to assure he didn't look her way, and kept his focus on her clit like the good slave he was. “Lick that spot. Lick it till it comes on you.”

The sound of Rocco salivating on her juicy cunt and sensitive clit encompassed his slave corner of the room where they were positioned in. Sumera's selfless husband indulged her with a perfect oral bath, flicking his stiff tongue across her womanly bud until her body locked, prepped for explosion. 

“Fuck you!” Sumera yelled, holding her steady, dominant stance over her slave, even as the orgasmic waves soared through her being. She grabbed Roccos's thick, black head of hair in her hands as her hot clit throbbed with the bursts, one right after the other. The pleasurable sensations were strong enough to force her surrender, but she held her control, flexing her pussy muscles to enhance the waves. “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck YOU!”

Rocco moaned with excitement and relief, cupping his tongue so it slid smoothly over her quivering clit before collecting creamy juice from Sumera's slick opening. The taste of her orgasm was a flavor he swore his life upon, and dedicated himself to. He was allowed to lap at her pussy often, yet his cock hadn't been inside her undulating tunnel in years, but not as punishment. It was what Sumera deemed appropriate while Rocco was raising a teenage girl—and living with another woman—even though the other woman was her one female sub, Stella. Rocco and Sumera's sex life had cooled by choice during their child-rearing years. Only on his extended trips to the estate was his manhood addressed. Sumera went through a few select male subs in his absence, and not one aroused her or came close to connecting with her like Rocco. There, sipping and slurping from her hole was where Rocco belonged, and she wanted to come more, to wet the floor with a second and third orgasm... but at the peak of desire, Sumera's chest heaved, and a flood of denied emotions overflowed.

Shocking to both of them, Sumera's groans of ecstasy morphed into sobs of distress. Rocco disobeyed his order to remain with a downward gaze while servicing her cunt, and suddenly witnessed the pain on his beloved's face.

Sumera's legs buckled, and Rocco grabbed her, attempting physical support in case she fell. Sumera's shoulders shook, and then he saw the tears, a thin stream rolling from the corners of her eyes.

Snapping to attention, Rocco stood, and went face-to-face with her, ignoring their normal protocol. “Sumera?”

“Rocco,” she said, her lips as shaky as the rest of her. “I can't hold it inside any longer.”

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