Romancing the Nihilist y Jennie Lee Schade

  • Written by: Jennie Lee Schade


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He calls himself Jareth. The past has left him with a dark heart and a cynical attitude. He is a man who has reached a place where feels little and cares about nothing. Even his life means nothing to him, really.

Betty Lee is a face from his past. A lifestylist, beautiful and determined she puts Jareth into a situation that intrigues him and begins to open him up. With her unusual methods, Betty is able to delve into his thoughts and bring them close.

But though Jareth enjoys her skillful games, he holds back, wondering if he can trust her with his deepest self. Does he dare trust that she is the person she seems to be?

Can a single night heal the spirit of a man who killed the hope in his heart long ago?



Betty crouched down close to him. Her subtle, wafting perfume smelled of honeysuckle and orange blossoms. Her breath was sweet. She leaned even closer, almost whispering in his ear.

“Do you still feel life is a waste, the way you used to? Do you still think it is all…basically useless?”

His former classmate’s voice was low and rich, almost intimate. An involuntary shiver ran up his spine.

“Why do you care, Betty?” He asked, just as softly.

“Why follow me here and watch me as you did. Yeah, I saw you. And why ask me such a question? We’re born, we live, we die…with nothing before and nothing after. Why would you ask…ahh…!”

She had given him no warning, no inkling at all of what she’d intended. Betty had simply flipped the boy onto his belly. Honestly, she’d knocked the wind out of him. She had actually shocked the young man by her swift and sudden act. For a handful of seconds his thoughts were scattered like rose petals in the wind.

“I might care, Jareth…and my reasons are my own.” It was a most cryptic statement.

And her words had substance to them, in some strange way. They seemed to drift off on the breeze.

Jareth was still attempting to wrap his brain around it all when he realized Betty was actually tying his hands behind his back. The deed was done before he had the chance to try and stop her. He yanked at the binding, wondering what she intended. (Not that he cared, of course.)

“Do you care, Jareth? What I have done here and what I am doing…does it scare you, trouble you of affect you in any way, or on any level…?” The breath from her words tickled his ear. Her heavy train of curls tumbled down into his face.

She smells really good, he admitted to himself.

Her lips were gentle against the side of his neck. A soft and shivery frission sped down the length of his spine. His hear fluttered like the wings of the wild birds she’d startled earlier.

The boy shrugged. The fact that his former schoolmate was in the process of binding his elbows together made the gesture rather difficult. He squirmed a little, testing the feel of it. The sensation was almost kind of interesting.

He wasn’t about to tell her that, of course…

“Ah…curiosity, maybe? A little. It really doesn’t matter to me, Betty Lee. Nothing does, for the most part.” He turned his head so he could look at her.

“I am in no position to stop you anyway, so I guess I am just…along for the ride.” A quick breath.

“Do what you want to do.”

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