Ms. Baden’s Bottom Line by Alice A. Eden

  • Written by: Alice A. Eden


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Is steamy, kinky sex the key to romantic sizzle? 

When they were in their forties, Andrew Spires took Sarah Baden to astral heights of ecstasy as they mutually explored the paradoxical relationship between pleasure and pain. In time, Sarah shed her reticence and emerged as a sexually creative equal—to Andrew’s surprise, delight, and chagrin. Their dominant/submissive role reversals and intense physical and psychological experimentation deepened intimacy, fortified trust, and forged a lasting bond of their hearts, souls, and bodies.

Twenty-five years later, Sarah longs for the searing passion, exquisite highs, and boundary-exploding orgasms she can only remember. In an attempt to better understand herself and her marriage to Andrew, Sarah documents their past sexual experiences, exposes her conflicted, confused feelings, and examines in explicit detail the dynamics of control and submission. Her manuscript seductively tantalizes Andrew’s interest as she allows him to read portions of her work in process.

What will Sarah learn about herself as she puts these physical and emotional memories into words? Will Andrew’s libido reawaken when he reads her book? How hot can sex be before it hurts too much?



“Now I want you on top, Ms. Baden.” His breath was ragged, and Sarah could hear the passion in his whisper. He rolled to his back. When Sarah began straddling him, thrilled with the thought of sitting straight down on that glorious looming pole now pointing toward the ceiling, Andrew pushed her back by the shoulders. “Your mouth, Sarah. Take it in your mouth.”

Sarah complied with joyful eagerness, happy to be able to satisfy him in this way. Perhaps half of his enormous length filled her mouth, and she felt his tip hit the opening in her throat. She scooted to her knees, supported her weight on her elbows, and began her rhythmic up and down, back and forth motions to bring him on home.

“No, Sarah. Stop. Here’s what I want you to do. I can’t tell you how to do this—you’ll have to figure it out—but I want you to relax the muscles in your throat and take every bit of me inside.”

Sarah paused, alarmed. “Andrew, it’s too big. Only half of it fits.”

“It can be done, Sarah. You have to learn to coordinate the throat muscles with your breathing so it can go further and further in.”

“I can’t, Andrew. I’d choke. I wouldn’t be able to breathe.”

“Yes, you can, Ms. Baden. Perhaps not all the way tonight, but in time and with practice you will learn to do this. It will please me very much.”

Sarah thought about the request with dismay. She’d take ten ball gags over the thought of his penis going down her throat. She did some quick calculations, figured that it’d mean at least two inches, maybe more, of that huge seven-inch penis, with a diameter of at least two inches, would be down her throat. She tried to remember if she’d ever swallowed a piece of food that large, and whether it would be physiologically even possible.

“Try it, Sarah. Go slowly. I’ll be real still.”

She took a deep breath. So many times she’d wished she could make Andrew feel half as good as he’d made her feel. She had searched her mind on multiple occasions trying to come up with something equivalent to some of the things he’d done to her, something that would be different, that would really turn him on. Now he’d asked for something, offered her a chance to reciprocate. This challenge he presented would surely produce ecstasies equal to any of the incredible highs he had orchestrated from her body. If I can learn to do this. With a resolve, Sarah took a deep breath and inched his penis into her mouth.

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