Cooling Down a Sweaty Sub by Keri Fields

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0405-8
  • Written by: Keri Fields


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Penny won’t stop bitching about how hot and sweaty she is during a pool party, and her Domme has had enough.  So Suri (“Sir” to her little sub) decides to pull Penny aside to teach her a much needed lesson about her bratty behavior.  She intends to cool her sub down . . . one ice cube at a time. 



I knelt down on the floor to inspect her.  Her glistening pussy was at my eye level, her thighs opened wide to expose everything to me.  I gripped her ass cheeks in my fingers and pushed to further expose her tight hole while also using my thumbs to push open her labia, being careful to touch her as little as possible.  I wanted her to feel me, to know I was there, so close and so able to fulfill her desires, but choosing not to.  That knowledge alone would make her even wetter. 

With my mouth centimeters from her opening, I said, “My, my, little girl.  I can feel the heat radiating off of you.  I’ll need to fix that.  I can’t be breaking that promise I made to cool you down.” 

            Penny’s moan carried a hint of fear and her body shuddered.  She tried to shift herself in a way that would push her pussy into me, as if I would be tempted to bury my face there and forget all about my plans.  I laughed and reached for the glass of ice . . .

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