Virgelina's Torment by Jennifer Campbell

  • ISBN: 9781609820312
  • Written by: Jennifer Campbell


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 Highly sexual and easily aroused, the women of Ranexx have many factors in their biology which make them natural slaves. Our heroine, Virgelina, is a pampered pleasure slave, sent by her Master to the Imperial Palace to compete to become an imperial pleasure slave to serve the Emperor. However, when Virgelina fails miserably, it is she, not her Master, who must face horrible treatment and tortures at the hands of Varius, the head imperial slave trainer. After days of torment, Virgelina is forced to confront her Master, who abandons her body to a cruel fate. Will Virgelina survive and find another Master to serve--and perhaps even love?

Warnings: This title contains very graphic language, violence, BDSM, degradation and golden showers.

Word Count: 36,212



Virgelina was surprised when they eventually left the palace building and began walking along a path through a pasture. The air was warm, and the sun felt good on Virgelina’s naked body. She saw arabans running and playing in the next pasture, and if not for the weight of the punishment hanging over her head, she would have been happy. Thankful to Justus for releasing her nipples, she wanted to take his hand as they walked, but such liberties were not taken on Ranexx. I wish I had the courage to speak to him, tell him everything I feel. Someone should know, as I may be dead soon. As they walked, the twin suns sank low in the sky, and on the opposite horizon they could barely see the nine moons rising.

Justus led her to a large barn, and she watched him open the barn door letting light rush into the main hallway of the enormous building. She saw rows of stalls revealed on each side of the center aisle, and immediately noticed that the stalls on the right were clean, well maintained, and mostly housed large arabans. The mighty steeds looked well contented with fresh straw, and large wall-mounted troughs containing food and water.

When Virgelina turned her head to the left, she was met with a quite different picture. These stalls were smaller, about one third the size, and they were filthy, unkempt places that seemed to have no troughs or buckets for the feeding of their occupants. The occupants were all slave girls, naked as was customary, but chained in a bizarre kneeling position to the floor. Their faces and breasts pressed close to the filthy straw, and their nude bottoms thrust up to be viewed or used. All the girls” wrists had been cuffed tightly behind their backs, and every ass displayed fresh, red whip marks or cane strips. Their knees were forced apart by metal bars cuffed between them so that their bulging cunt lips were exposed, and their engorged pleasure bulbs hung down obscenely.

Closer inspection showed one more awful feature that most of the tethered slaves had in common. Most had their hair shaven, or cut brutally, from their heads. The cutting had been haphazard and uneven, and had left cuts, scraps, and tufts of uncut hair on their heads. They were now crude caricatures of the beautiful women they must all have once been.

Virgelina immediately wondered why their clit-bulbs were so engorged, as it seemed as if these slaves had been punished terribly, and recently. She doubted they had felt any pleasure since they had been in this barn, so why the swelled clit-bulbs? It was obvious to any observer, and not lost on Virgelina, that to the arabans this was a place of comfort, their home away from the pleasures of the pastures, while to slaves, this was a living hell of pain and humiliation.

Justus fairly pulled her along to an empty stall, but she stopped at the stall door, disgusted by the awful stench of the place. She only moved forward when Justus pushed her, allowing him to push her to her knees to be chained like the other slave girls. Right then, she snapped from the terror inside her. She blurted out fear-driven words through weeping eyes, all the time looking at the fine Maldorian sword that hung from Justus’ belt.

“Please, Master Justus, just kill this slave now. Slit her throat with your sword, it will be easy, and she promises to die with your face in her eyes. Please, this slave begs to have this cup taken from her lips. Strike quickly before she loses her nerve.”

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