The Agency Collection One: Nannies in Lust by Emme Salt

  • ISBN: 9781609829148
  • Written by: Emme Salt


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The Agency supplies the rich and powerful with beautiful, sexy nannies. This collection of Agency stories follows three young coeds who find themselves at the mercy of their naughty employers…

BEACH BLONDE: Cassie thinks she’s spending her summer vacation working as a nanny in Tahiti for the wealthy Doyle family. Once she arrives, innocent Cassie discovers much more than just beaches and tropical sunsets. She gets closer to Seamus and Mary Doyle than she ever imagined, and uncovers their illicit secret—theirs and the Agency’s.

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Ashlyn's nannied for the Stewarts before—she knows precisely what's expected of her, and the sordid pleasures that wait for her every winter break. But this time, someone new is waiting for her at the Stewarts' cabin in Aspen: sweet, innocent Shanna. Will Ashlyn overcome her jealousy as Shanna is initiated into the Stewarts' wicked secret?

SUMMER NANNY: Chloe can't wait to start her summer job as a nanny on the Edgars' annual yacht trip. But once they set sail, she discovers that Mira and James Edgar have plans for their seductive new nanny—plans that require Chloe to prove her worth in a whole new way.


Warnings: This collection of erotic romances features alpha males, lesbian sex, oral sex, masturbation, and mind-blowing threesomes.


Word Count: 55,000




She pulled my knees open, running her fingertips over the soft flesh of my inner thigh. I inhaled sharply. With a wicked smile, her fingers found the wet cotton of my panties and stroked my clit gently through the fabric, teasing.

“Ohh…” My mouth open, I slumped against the sofa cushions. I closed my eyes, but they fluttered open when I felt a rough kiss on my bare shoulder. James. He ran his lips back up my throat, his stubble prickling at my skin.

I jumped slightly, but in a moment I was arching my neck as he pressed his mouth on my flesh and sucked and licked at my throat. Mira was soft, but James was hard, insistent.

He traced my jaw with his dry, hot lips before catching my chin in his hand and turning my head towards him. I looked into his eyes for the first time, and he studied me for a moment before kissing me. He pressed hard against my mouth, his tongue flickering over the edge of my teeth.

Beneath me, Mira now knelt between my legs, one hand bracing my thigh and the other working at my clit, her pupils dark and wide with desire. She pushed my panties to the side, and parted my slippery folds. As James kissed and sucked on my neck and shoulders, I could only see glimpses of her fingers working under my skirt—sliding, stroking, gently thrusting.

James pulled down the top of my tank, lifting a soft, perky breast from my bra. He licked its bottom before tracing a slow circle around my nipple.

“Oh god,” I whispered, my voice raspy.

As if that had pleased him, he lapped at my nipple, which was hard and dark pink in the low light. I squirmed now, desperately wishing that he’d just take off my top and play with my other nipple, still trapped underneath my bra. No...he lavished his attention on the bare breast, cupping and kneading my flesh as he sucked hard at the nipple trapped between his lips.

“James, c’mere,” said Mira’s breathy voice.

Then suddenly, his mouth was gone and there was only cold air on my wet skin. My eyelids flew open.

He stood up. Moving behind Mira, who still kneeled in front of me, he had the shaky look of someone on the verge of losing control. “Look at her,” she murmured to him. She pushed my skirt up to my waist, exposing my panties, the crotch completely drenched in my wetness.

“Jesus,” he muttered, the bulge in his pants growing. He stroked her hair and swallowed thickly. “Take off her panties, sweetheart.”

She hooked her fingers into my panties and dragged them down over my legs. I must have been quite the sight: hair all mussed, lips swollen, a breast hanging out obscenely from my top...and from the waist down, I was naked, wet, and ready.

She turned around and unzipped his pants, slipping a hand into his fly to pull out his thick, hard cock. “Just look at her,” she whispered to him. “Don’t you wanna fuck her?” 

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