London City Drive by Delores Swallows

  • Written by: Delores Swallows

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A driver picks up a beautiful woman on a busy London street. As his luxury car moves through the rush-hour traffic, he barely concentrates on the familiar landmarks of the city. Within the tinted windows of the Mercedes, he gets a taste of history, fantasy and escapism. The drive becomes a journey into voyeurism and exhibitionism, taking him down some familiar paths with the hope of many new destinations in the future…




Holding the vibrator in her hand, she pressed the button on the end-cap and the small toy purred. The traffic backed up as a line of vehicles waited to turn left onto the bridge. Candy moaned as she eased the toy inside. Her wrist moved with a slow, lazy rhythm as she gently slid the vibrator in and out of her sex.

Easing the car forward, John made a distance of only a few yards before he had to stop again. On the pavement next to the car, three men in suits stood at a bus stop. John pressed a button on the panel in his door, sliding down the tinted window on Candy’s side. The men at the bus stop were presented with the sight of the beautiful blonde laying low on the passenger seat, her bent legs wide open, slowly pleasuring herself with a vibrator. Their expressions showed complete shock.

Candy made no attempt to hide herself, but dropped her head onto her left shoulder and pursed her lips, letting out little oohs of pleasure for effect.

Although he’d have liked for her to climax while the men watched, the traffic ahead started to move and John had no option but to follow. He buzzed up the window and accelerated, watching the men staring after the car in his rear-view mirror.

“Hmm, that was fun.” Candy’s voice was little more than a croak.

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