Flash Daddy by Daddy X

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Fifty five X-tra hot quickies from the Master of Flash

Do you like your stories quick and kinky? Swift and sexy? Distilling the erotic energy of a romance novel into just a few hundred expertly chosen words?

Well, come a little closer. Daddy X has a story to tell you. It won't take but a minute.

Daddy X's flash fiction archive is brimming with tales of sudden satisfaction. From that trove he has chosen this premier collection, fifty five of his finest filthy reads.

Fast and furious romps abound, as do tender tales of loving sex. And since this is Daddy X, count on plenty of laughs along the road. Whatever your pleasure, you’ll find more than one gem that warms your cockles (or wets your cunnels!).

What’s up those little skirts he’s so fixated on? What, pray tell, is a Bowling Night Flasher? How can a gang bang be romantic? What’s the latest outrage from the horny, hapless Delbert? What’s live? What’s jive?

Don't be shy. Take a chance. Life's too short for regrets.



Newbies and the Rules

“I had lunch with Tiffany today.”

“She have anything to say for herself?”

“Only that she’s totally humiliated. That spanking you gave her.”

“We brought her. We explained the rules. She was our guest and that reflects on us.”

“She only sucked the guy’s cock.”

“With some chick grinding on his face. Tiffany wasn’t invited to join in.”

“You really wailed on her.”

“She loved it. Pussy was sopping when I finished.”

“All you guys—taking turns on her.”

“So cute. That little black dress. Almost everybody there fucked her.”

“The rest jerked off on her. That one guy pissed on her.”

“That was uncalled for. He got thrown out.”

“They suspended her wearing a spreader bar, then the women with all those dildoes—making her come so many times!”  

“Did she say what happened? How she got home?”

“Some dude offered a ride. Instead, he sodomized her then kicked her out of the car and tossed her subway fare. She said that train home was the most embarrassing experience of her life. Dress all torn, jizz-stained. Welts on her thighs. High heel broken off.”


“She says be sure to call next time—that she’ll soon get the hang of things.”



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