Adventures with the Baumgartners by Selena Kitt

  • ISBN: 9781504503822
  • Written by: Selena Kitt


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The broad-minded Baumgartners are ready to open their arms—and their marriage—once again.

While Ronnie, their former flirtatious babysitter, is exploring her newfound naughty nature with her lover, Gretchen, Doc and Mrs. B have their sights set on old friends, Daphne and Ari Wilson. 

Things really heat up when Ronnie and Gretchen take on an adventurous new roommate—and her boyfriend, too. 

Everyone seems to be having a rousing good time—until romance sparks between Ronnie and her handsome personal trainer, Vince, and she needs to decide—does she really share all that well with others? 

Warnings: This title contains MFF threesome, lesbian, and group sex.

Word Count: 50,000




“You are the most bi-girl I’ve ever known.” The look in Ronnie’s eyes was devilish with approval.

“You mean, besides Mrs. B?” Gretchen asked, referring to her employer—and Ronnie’s former lover. Carrie Baumgartner was the sexiest woman Gretchen had ever met in person. She exuded sex from every velvet pore, drawing in lovers like a fragrant rose lured bees. And her husband, Steve Baumgartner, whom everyone called “Doc”, didn’t seem to mind. Like Gretchen, he seemed to have no problem with sharing!

“Mrs. B loves everyone,” Ronnie told her.

“Well…” Gretchen made a face. “Almost everyone.”

“Oh, she loves you.”

“Not like she loved you,” she reminded her. Ronnie had told Gretchen about the erotic week in Key West when the Baumgartners had finally seduced their long-time babysitter.

Ronnie raised her eyebrows. “You want in their bed, huh?”

“I can guarantee I wouldn’t be eating crackers in it,” Gretchen said with a laugh. “Just seems like a waste of a good nanny. I mean, you were their babysitter, and look at the fun they had with you…”

“You’re so insatiable.” Ronnie sighed happily.

“And you love it.”

“I do,” she confessed as Gretchen grabbed her by the hips, and rolled her to her back.

Gretchen covered Ronnie’s mouth with hers, tongue tracing the outline of her lips, seeking entry. Ronnie gave a little moan, wrapping her legs around Gretchen, arms too, pulling her closer. Gretchen had never known another girl so openly enthusiastic about sex as Ronnie was. She knew there was the time when Ronnie was far more innocent and inexperienced. Gretchen had known her then, too. But even then, Ronnie’s body always betrayed her real feelings. Even when she felt inhibited or shy, Ronnie’s sensitive nipples and swollen mound gave her away.

Gretchen kissed her way down Ronnie’s slender throat, circling in the hollow with her tongue as she pulled Ronnie’s sheer white camisole up to expose her breasts. Ronnie arched her back, hands lost in the morning muss of Gretchen’s long, blonde hair, eager for more. Gretchen gave her nipples the attention they deserved, tonguing and lapping, her gaze resting on Ronnie’s expressive face, attuned to every sigh and movement. She could feel the heat growing between Ronnie’s legs, like a furnace pressed against her navel. Her mouth watered at the thought of tasting her. Every time was like a banquet and Gretchen was a glutton who loved to feast on Ronnie’s sweetness. But she loved to tease her, to make her wait, to make her beg. There was no sweeter music than that.

“Please,” Ronnie whispered, tugging at Gretchen’s red camisole. “I want you.”

“Yes.” Gretchen nuzzled Ronnie’s soft, downy belly, pulling her white camisole over her head.

Not yet though, Gretchen thought with a devious little smile. Not quite yet.

She explored Ronnie’s tawny flesh with open palms, delighting in the way she squirmed and bit her lip, clearly aching for more. Gretchen kneaded her flesh like a kitten, working her way ever so slowly downward. Ronnie’s hands made fists in Gretchen’s hair, silently pushing her where she wanted her to go. Gretchen’s hand slipped between her own legs, feeling the swell and heat there. She dipped one finger between her bare lips, shivering when she nudged her clit, playing in the wetness. Ronnie’s hands groped at Gretchen’s camisole, fisting a handful of material and yanking it off, over Gretchen’s head. The sudden exposure to the cool air made Gretchen’s nipples even harder, so hard they suddenly ached.

Not wasting any more time, not teasing anymore, Gretchen tugged Ronnie’s panties off with one hand and wiggled out of her own, settling herself between Ronnie’s spread thighs. Ronnie’s dark had went back, eyes closing, mouth slightly open as Gretchen kissed her way over her pussy lips. The smell of her was intoxicating and while part of Gretchen still wanted to make her wait, another part was far too eager to taste her.

“Oh, fuck.” Ronnie moaned, her hands moving up to cup and massage her own breasts, fingering her hard nipples as Gretchen’s tongue moved up and down her hot little slit.

“Mmmm,” was all Gretchen could say with her mouth full of Ronnie’s wet pussy.

She swallowed the tangy juices flowing from between Ronnie’s trembling thighs. Her tongue dipped low, entering Ronnie’s hole, probing there. She made her tongue hard like a tiny little cock, and fucked her with it. Gretchen’s nose nudged Ronnie’s clit with every movement, making Ronnie writhe and buck beneath her.

Gretchen’s fingers delved deeper into her own wetness, taking the edge off the ache, just a little bit. Nothing made her wetter than licking Ronnie, hearing her moan, feeling the shift of her hips, pressing up against Gretchen’s flickering tongue.

Gretchen used the fingers of her other hand to plunge into Ronnie’s wetness. The squelching sound filled the bedroom as Gretchen fucked her faster and faster, making Ronnie’s little body vibrate with pleasure. She dug her nails into Gretchen’s shoulders, making little half-moon marks, but Gretchen didn’t care.

“Come here.” Gretchen lifted her wet face up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “I want you to sit on my face.”

Ronnie let out a little delighted squeal, eagerly positioning herself over her as Gretchen reclined on the bed.

“Oh God, yes.” Ronnie moaned as Gretchen wrapped her arms around her hips and buried her face in Ronnie’s pussy.

Ronnie reached back to steady herself on the headboard, rocking her hips, faster and faster. With her other hand, she played with Gretchen’s pussy, slipping her fingers between the folds, circling her clit. Gretchen shuddered, sucking Ronnie’s clit between her lips like a nursing baby desperate to ease an aching hunger.

Ronnie’s fingers probed deeper, entering Gretchen, while her thumb strummed her clit. They knew each other so well. Ronnie played her pussy like a fine-tuned instrument, eliciting muffled sounds from Gretchen’s throat as she rubbed her entire face between Ronnie’s open, wet thighs.

“Please,” Gretchen gasped, coming up for air. Now she was the one begging, desperate. “I want your mouth.”

Ronnie didn’t reply verbally, but she bent over quickly, spreading Gretchen’s thighs with her palms and diving in enthusiastically.

“Oh, God,” Gretchen cried, her nails digging into Ronnie’s firm, round ass. “I love your fucking mouth.”

“Mmmm!” Now it was Ronnie who had her mouth full, answering only with muffled groans as Gretchen turned her attention back to Ronnie’s swollen pussy.

Gretchen squirmed under Ronnie’s probing tongue, trying hard not to get too distracted, to stay focused on Ronnie’s little clit that throbbed between her lips. Her own clit ached, each lash of Ronnie’s tongue bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

“Oh, yes, make me come,” Ronnie begged, rolling her hips, mashing her pussy against Gretchen’s face. Gretchen wrapped her arms around Ronnie’s ass, pulling her in. She made fast circles around Ronnie’s clit with her tongue, fastening her mouth tight against her wet, pink flesh. She felt Ronnie shiver, a tell-tale tremble, the muscles in her thighs tightening.

“Now!” Ronnie gasped, moaning against Gretchen’s aching pussy. “Oh, now, yes, yes!”

Gretchen gave a low sound in her throat, eating Ronnie’s pussy hard, fast, sucking her clit, pressing one finger against the already contracting pink starfish of her asshole. That did it. Ronnie went flying, her orgasm shaking not only her little body, but Gretchen’s, and the whole damned bed. Ronnie’s climax rolled through her like a sudden, summer storm, full of lightning and thunder. Gretchen held on for dear life, getting soaked in the process.

“Oh, God,” Ronnie whispered, nuzzling Gretchen’s pussy with her cheek, giving it tiny, teasing kisses between breaths. “That was so good.”

“Good,” Gretchen echoed, planting feathery little kisses all along Ronnie’s sweet, trembling thighs.

“Your turn,” Ronnie piped up, turning quickly around, and pressing Gretchen’s legs back.

Gretchen let out a low moan, pulling her legs back even more to give Ronnie access, looking down and seeing her dark head, her dark eyes looking up at Gretchen, was so fucking hot, it almost made her come immediately.

Ronnie was the one teasing now, using her fingers to rub up and down Gretchen’s wet slit, before slipping two of them inside. Gretchen wiggled, aching for more. Ronnie’s mouth explored the slippery pink labyrinth of Gretchen’s sex, her tongue tracing her folds over and over, up and down, purposely avoiding her erect little clit. Gretchen groaned in frustration, opening her legs and rolling her hips up, a nonverbal cue for more, more. Ronnie chuckled, smiling and teasing her, twisting her fingers inside in a ‘come here’ gesture, driving Gretchen mad with lust.

“Please,” Gretchen begged, arching, making soft, kitten noises in her throat when Ronnie’s tongue finally reached her clit. Still teasing, Ronnie made light, little circles, then went up and down on either side, her mouth fastened on Gretchen’s mound, her eyes on Gretchen’s face.

“Oh, fuck this,” Gretchen cried, letting go of her legs. “Eat me, goddamnit!”

Ronnie squealed with delight as Gretchen rolled her over on the bed and straddled her face. Gretchen grabbed the headboard and rocked her hips, using the flat of Ronnie’s tongue, rubbing her slit up and down, up and down, faster and faster. It was the sweetest friction in the world.

Glancing back, Gretchen saw Ronnie’s fingers probing between her own still swollen, wet pussy lips. Watching her play with herself was so hot, Gretchen felt her climax rising, imminent.

“Oh, baby, that’s it,” Gretchen said, and Ronnie wrapped her arms around Gretchen’s hips, burying her face in her wetness. “Oh, I’m gonna come!”

This announcement made Ronnie lick and suck her faster, not teasing anymore, her tongue like lightning, taking Gretchen past the point of no return. Her orgasm shook through her, a tiny earthquake, and she threw her head back, holding onto the headboard, shuddering with the pure pleasure of it. Ronnie swallowed all her juices, so much that Gretchen felt that wetting her thighs. She rocked and rolled, lost in sensation, hearing Ronnie’s muffled cries of delights as she gave her more and more of her girl-cum.

“Oh baby, that was so hot,” Gretchen whispered as the two of them came together, Gretchen’s leg hooked over Ronnie’s, their tongues meeting as they kissed, tasting one another. Gretchen gave a little gas and a moan as Ronnie slipped her fingers into her still convulsing pussy. Both of them could have done this all day long, and they had, on occasion. Ronnie could come like nobody she’d ever known, and Gretchen was good for two, three, sometimes four in a session.

“Turn over.” Ronnie rolled Gretchen to her belly, pulling her ass up in the air. Gretchen pressed her flush cheek against the mattress, glancing back at Ronnie, who positioned herself between Gretchen’s open thighs. She moaned when Ronnie leaned in and pressed her tongue against her fluttering asshole.

“God, I love your ass,” Ronnie said, using her tongue to lick and probe that puckered hole. Gretchen bit her lip, grabbing the sheets, her toes curling at the sensation.

Ronnie’s mouth found its way down to her clit, tracing her tongue back up to Gretchen’s asshole, again and again. Gretchen arched and moaned, shivering all over, as Ronnie licked her from back to belly. It wasn’t long before Gretchen was nearing the edge once more.

Before she knew what was happening, Gretchen found herself straddling Ronnie’s face once again. Ronnie buried herself in between Gretchen’s legs, focusing solely on her clit now, determined. Gretchen cried out, so close, hearing the wet squelch of Ronnie’s fingers plunging in and out of her own pussy. But Ronnie’s other hand was working between Gretchen’s legs, fucking her deep and hard, fingering her faster and faster, while her tongue lashed Gretchen’s throbbing clit.

“Oh, your fingers feel so good,” Gretchen cried, fucking her back. “Don’t stop! Oh! Ohhhh!”

Ronnie shuddered and bucked with her own orgasm as she took Gretchen over the edge for a second time. Gretchen muffled her cries into the pillow, letting her climax take over, rippling waves shuddering through her body.

Gretchen slid down the length of Ronnie’s body, grabbing her ass and rolling her so they were belly to belly. Their limbs and tongues entwined as Gretchen breathed in Ronnie’s scent. God, she loved the smell of sex.

Then Gretchen’s phone buzzed.

She sighed, reaching for it. “Time to wake up for real.”

“Mmm, now all I want to do is go back to bed.” Ronnie stretched and yawned.

“You can.” Gretchen pressed a kiss to her cheek. “But I have to get to work. I’m taking the Baumgartner kids to the zoo today.”

“Don’t rub it in.” Ronnie pouted. “I really am trying to get a job. I have another interview tomorrow.”

“Too bad the Baumgartners don’t need two nannies.”

Ronnie laughed. “One for each kid?”

“One for Doc and one for Carrie…” Gretchen grinned when Ronnie’s jaw dropped. “And then they can switch…”

“You’re so bad!” Ronnie changed the subject. “My mom’s not going to keep covering my half of the rent forever, you know.”

“Well, there’s always working at fast food…”

“My last resort.” Ronnie wrinkled her nose.

“What do you think about getting a roommate?”

Ronnie shrugged. “My only objection would be, you know, a lack of privacy…”

“Yeah, you do love to make noise,” Gretchen teased.


“What? I love the noises you make.”

“Vince said he might be able to get me a job at the gym,” Ronnie said. “I guess they’re hiring for reception.”

“You really want to spend more time at the gym?” Gretchen asked, blinking in surprise. “I just mean… you don’t need it…”

You might not need it.” Ronnie snorted. “But I can just look at a cookie and gain ten pounds.”

think you just like getting all hot and sweaty with Vince every day.” Gretchen waggled her eyebrows.

“I gotta get my exercise in somehow.”

“I like to get my exercise in other ways.” Gretchen slid her hand between Ronnie’s thighs.

“Mmm. Race you to the shower?”

“On your mark, get set…” Ronnie bolted off the bed.

“Cheater!” Gretchen laughed, racing after her. 

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