My Roommate's Girl by Tasha S. Heart and J.J. Marstead

  • Written by: Tasha S. Heart


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I thought my life was all figured out. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I wasn’t the settling down type. I was known as a man-whore, but not single person dared to say it to my face. Yeah, I had everything figured out until Lance's new girlfriend Mia came into my life. She was everything I didn't know I wanted. Her innocence and beauty baffled me. From the first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to have her. Was I actually considering ruining my friendship with my almost brother’s life with a girl that wasn’t even mine? God, for Mia, I was willing to do anything.



As a twenty-two-year-old virgin, I thought Lance was finally the guy for me. He was sweet, handsome, smart, and studying to be a doctor. He was the perfect package or so I thought. But when I met his roommate Jax, the greeting sparked something inside of me that I couldn’t ignore. It felt as though Jax had something Lance didn't and, it was something that I couldn't resist. Jax was everything I knew I shouldn't want, but I couldn’t deny my true feelings. How could I fight these feelings inside and stay with Lance? Was I really willing to lose everything for just one night with Jax?



It was funny. Kim was the only one that could keep up with me. She wouldn't admit it, but she was just as much of a player as I was. Of course, she wasn't at my level but had potential.

I nodded, snuggling against the curve of her neck before kissing it. “Mmm, that's right, sexy.”

She looked around the apartment, her eyes roaming over the work that needed to be done. “I can't believe you baited me to come here to clean.” She looked at me, shaking her head while I dazzled her with my charms. Her gorgeous breasts heaved out with her long breath. “Fine, but I expect some mind-blowing sex afterward.”

“And when haven't I delivered that?”

“You're lucky you're hot, Jax,” she smirked, setting her purse on the kitchen counter. “Okay, where should we start?”

“You can start with picking up the stuff over there.” I pointed in the direction of the living room while heading to the kitchen for a beer. With her at work and a beer in hand, I leaned against the counter, watching her. A drink and a show. Her skirt as so tight, I could see her ass tighten every time she leaned forward to pick something up. Such a beautiful sight. “You can toss the magazines, they’re old.

She looked at me over her shoulder in mid-bend. “Then why are they here?”

“So, you have something to organize. I know you love that.”

“Yeah, right. You better give me multiple orgasms.”

“Again, when have I not delivered?”

She stood, putting her hand on her hip. “I thought you said we are cleaning. Why aren't you helping?”

I took a swig of my beer before crushing the can. “See, helping,” I winked, tossing it in the trashcan. She gave me a dirty look as I made my way to her. I sat down and looked at her curves, admiring every lustful inch. “Hurry up, and I’ll help you out of those clothes.” I lifted my hand to grab her ass, and she smacked it away.

“You're so wrong. I’m going to leave, Jax,” she threatened. She stared at me and licked her upper lip, revealing her studded tongue ring.

“Damn,” I groaned, and my dick did too. “Fuck it. Get that ass over here.” I grabbed her arm and pulled her into my lap. My hand crept up her inner thigh, making her moan. I watched her nipples get hard and poke through her top. “Be right back.” I sat her up and hurried to my room. I searched for some condoms, finding I had half a box left. After taking a handful, I returned to the sight of her peeling off her skirt. “Yeah, you're going to get it.” I licked my lips and tore open the condom wrapper. “You know how I love the way you put it on.”

She looked at the condom sticking out of the wrapper and looked at the sofa. “What are those?” She pointed, making me look. “Those aren't mine.”

I was shocked to see a pair of black panties on the cushion. Damn. “You sure they're not?” I knew they weren't but thought I could play dumb.

She picked them up, holding them in front of my face. “You think I could fit this?” She waved it back and forth, grinning. “Bet she didn't have to clean your apartment.”

“Don't act hurt, sweetcakes.” I grabbed her waist and pulled her close. “You're here now, and that's what matters.”

She looked at the panties and then the condom before taking it. “Tie my hands.”

Yeah, like I said, she’s a freak. “You got it,” I grinned, taking the panties and turned her around. With the biggest smile stretched across my face, I pulled her hand behind her back and took the condom from her other hand before binding them together. She turned around, and I smiled at her while putting the tip of the condom to her parted lips. I sat down and fought with the fly of my jeans. It wasn't hard to imagine I was rock hard and ready for her. I’ve been hard since talking to her on the phone. She lowered to her knees and slid the condom over the head of my dick, sucking it while putting it on. “Damn, I love that.” She was the only one that did that. It was so sexy, and the only time I didn't mind wearing them. I gripped her hair tight, pulling and pushing her head. “Fuck,” I groaned when she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth. “God, baby.” I looked down at her, watching her as she sucked and licked my shaft. “Damn,” I moaned, rolling my hips, fighting the urge to push my cock deeper into her mouth. I continued to watch her, biting my bottom lip. “Fuck,” I breathed, pulling her hair tighter. “God, I want to tear that ass up,” I said, pulling her away from my dick. “Get over there,” I ordered, looking between her and the sofa while helping her to her feet.

“I believe I was promised a particular treat,” she grinned, looking at me over her shoulder while she got in position, leaning over the back of the sofa. The view of her ass peeking from her lace panties gave me momentarily amnesia.

“So, beautiful.” I stared at her, loving the view, rubbing my hands together before tightly squeezing her ass in both hands. “Fucking hell, babe.” I massaged, kneading her flesh, loving every second. I leaned forward and put my lips to her ass. She moaned while I sucked on it, and gave her other cheek some hard slaps. I stood and watched her while she taunted me, shaking her ass, rolling her hips. I swear, she must have been a stripper in a past life. “Damn…” I took my dick in my hand and checked to make sure the condom was on right. She looked at me over her shoulder after adjusting herself over the back of the sofa. I gave her ass another hard slap before grabbing her hips.

“Oh, Jax,” she cried out when I forced my cock inside her tight and eager pussy. She lifted her head before resting her cheek against the sofa.

“Damn!” I held her hips tight, digging the tips of my fingers into her flesh. “Fuck.” I pulled her, watching her ass shake when I pulled her hard and fast. She felt so good, I wanted to bust a nut in that beautiful pussy of hers. She moaned and cried out with every thrust.

“Yes, give it to me. Fuck me harder!”

I gladly did as I was told. I pulled back on her shoulders, giving heart pounding thrusts, making her whimper and cry out. “Shit,” I growled, shutting my eyes tight as my body tensed. The slapping sound of her body hitting hard against mine filled the room. She cried out begged for me to make her come and we both froze when the front door opened. “Damn it!” I looked at Kim as she panicked, almost falling off the sofa. “Don’t you fucking knock?” I yelled at Lance.

“You goddamn pig!” He turned around the blonde that was standing next to him. “Pull your fucking pants up.”

I looked at my still raging boner and looked at him. “I wasn't finished. You said you would take an hour.”

“Get these off me!” Kim panicked, trying to pull her wrists out of her restraints.

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