Splitting the Infinitive by Jean Roberta

  • Written by: Jean Roberta


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Didrick Bent, student athlete and baby butch, has trouble writing essays for her demanding professor, Dr. Athena Chalkdust. When Didrick comes to see her after class, Dr. Chalkdust is exasperated by her ignorance, and moved by her submission. Both of them want young Didrick to become the best person she can be, and they will stop at nothing to reach their goals.



I’m not satisfied, not even close to it, but I know how dangerous it would be to go as 

far as I want to. In reality, I am at her mercy. I can see that the edges of my ruler have raised some little welts on her very red cheeks. She will heal from these minor wounds much sooner than my career would heal from the coup-de-grace she could give me by telling someone over my head what takes place in this room. She can no more afford exposure than I can, but whether she can carry our little secret to the grave is another matter. I learned her whole life story (admittedly not a long epic) during our first session.

I slide the ruler back into my desk, but she knows better than to move without permission. I can’t resist running my right hand gently, slowly, over her hot cheeks while 

my left holds her hips in place. She flinches from my compassion as much as from my 

discipline. “You stubborn little girl,” I murmur into one of her freckled ears. “How long do you think you can keep this up?” I avoid saying “we.” I will not tell her that too many of my colleagues have heard about the office renovations I had done last summer. Does anyone know that I had soundproof insulation put in, or why?

I keep my left hand firmly on her neck to keep her down, or to let her know that I’m here, I’m not going away, and I’m not going to lose faith or let her lose hers. A humble pencil on my desk attracts my attention. I reach for it as though I were planning to write a list of her grammatical sins on her back with its sharp little point. I withdraw from her just long enough to anoint the pencil with baby oil from a bottle on my desk. Then I find the small, puckered mouth between her butt cheeks and slide the eraser in until four inches of wood are embedded in the site of her punishment.  

She groans, and an uncontrollable shiver of pleasure seems to run all through her. Reaching between her legs, I find her cunt lips so wet that a little more attention will probably make the juice start running down her legs.

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