His Personal Call Girl: Volume 2

  • ISBN: 9781311942500
  • Written by: Veronica Sloan


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Now that Catherine has agreed to be Tom's personal call girl, she wonders if she can keep his business and her pleasure truly separate. And as she gives in to Tom's fantasies, she questions whether she and Bobby are really in love. As her heart and her libido collide, there's only one thing Catherine is truly certain of: Tom is the politest pervert she's ever met.


Tom didn't care who knew he fucked me. He wanted that fact hidden. He did want me to wear more revealing clothing at the gym, but that was to excite him, not the others. Though of course he knew what it did to the others. He wanted me to make sure no one saw me leave with him. When we were alone, he drank every inch of my body in; he touched me everywhere - everywhere - and it was always with the touch of a rough child, of a discoverer, of an explorer. He'd massage and squeeze each muscle, rub me down, hold me, kiss me, smell me - God, he must have spent the first twenty minutes that third time just breathing in the different sweaty cracks of my body. And then he put his lips on me, kissed my hips, kissed my pussy, parted my pubic hair, licked my chin.

He washed my feet, too. I didn't get it, because he was really into my smells, but then I realized he was doing it for me. He was cleaning me. And when he entered me finally…he held on to me like I was some precious kite about to fly away in the wind.

He made me look at myself in the mirror (usually when he fucked me, but sometimes he'd make me just stand, or do exercises, but he made sure I had my eyes on my own body). He told me to watch the sweat running down my thighs, between my breasts, down my neck, on my forehead. And he watched. He watched me.

Vanity is supposed to be a sin, and with good reason. There's nothing below the surface of vanity, and whatever looks good will eventually fade away. After the second or third time together I realized that Tom was attracted to what I'd done to myself. Even when I was a sweaty mess, even when I was red in the face, or flushed, or my hair was all over the place. He loved my body in a way that I didn't understand. He was at once careful and possessive, rough and brutally gentle.

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