Southern Mistress by Stephanie Rollins

  • Written by: Stephanie Rollins


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Blair is a mistress.  She decided to become a mistress when she realized how poor job prospects are for theatre majors.  In time, she falls in love with a client.  It becomes impossible for her to have meaningless sex, regardless of her acting capability.  It all comes to an end when Blair is caught in bed by a furious wife.  In an odd turn of events, Blair and the jilted wife go into business with each other.  Ultimately, she realizes love is all that matters.



Mona wakes me from my sleep.  She has friends who want to hire me as a consultant.  The pay rivals what I currently earn.

            Then, she asks me to start writing my memoir.  Little did I know that she owns a publishing company. 

            “You’ll have to quit being a mistress,” Molly states the obvious as we indulge in Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast.  When you fuck a lot, you can handle the extra calories.  Molly’s job probably burns even more than mine. 

            I sigh and focus on my scrambled eggs.  “I feel like being a mistress is job security.”

            “For how long?” she asks.  “Neither of us is getting any younger.  There will come a time when we have to hang up our tramp cards.”

            There is a deafening silence between us.  I know she senses it, and I know that she knows me well enough to decipher it.

            “Want to talk about him?” she asks.

            I just shrug.

            “You let a man tap into your heart…There are worse things,” Molly assures me.

            “Not in our professions.”

            “You always refer to security, but there are different types of security.  Emotional security is one.” 

            I dab at my eyes with my napkin.  “He texts me every morning, lunch, and night time.  He tells me the sweetest things.  The thing is, I know he is sincere.  I know my life with him would be complete.”

            “Do you know what I would give for that?”

            “Really?” I ask, shocked at her admission.  “Hell, yeah.  That, what you are describing, is love.  I want that so badly that it hurts.”

            “You never mentioned that.”

            “It is just not something that we talk about.  However, that is what life is all about.”

            “You know what really messes me up?” I ask.  “The fact that I can see Phillip and I with a strong, traditional relationship that is similar to my parents.”

            Molly nods.

            “I don’t think that is a bad thing.  Actually, a relationship like that would be so nice,” I muse.

            “Now, a relationship like that…That is security.  Your dad is a solid man, and I know your parents are madly in love.”

            I add tabasco sauce to my hashbrowns.  She is right.  Without love, I am empty.  I never realized how empty I was until Phillip started filling the void.

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