Rearview Mirror by Nadia Diament

  • Written by: Nadia Diament


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Gridlock just got more interesting…

When a handsome stranger pulls into the lane in front of Ava, their eyes meet in his rearview mirror. A nod, a hint of a smile. Before long, their flirty looks become heated stares. As traffic lessens, the man presses a note to his mirror inviting her to follow him. Will she leave their flirtation for the road, or will she see how well he plays outside of traffic?



Looking back up at the construction crew, Ava saw the flatbed was finally inching out of the way. Thank God. She would go home, make herself an Old Fashioned, and spend some quality time with her vibrator before taking a nice long soak in the tub. She was too exhausted now to go out and pick someone up at a bar.

Ava bit her lip. Was the guy in front of her looking at her again? Or was he pretending she didn’t exist? Curiosity beat self-preservation. She looked ahead at the man’s side mirror again. She frowned. Instead of a reflection, his window was open, exposing an arm covered by the rolled-up sleeve of a fitted blue oxford. His hand was holding a piece of paper flat against the mirror. Something was written on it. Unable to make it out, she lowered her own window and leaned out to read the note.

She squinted. Her eyes widened as she processed the words:

Follow me?

He turned back and leaned his head out the window, trapping her with his sharp gaze. Nodded his head at her and then back toward the road in front of them. Ava’s lips parted. He was beckoning her. A disbelieving laugh rang in her throat. She’d done some stupid things in the name of amazing sex, but this was a whole different line of conga dancers. She usually had some facsimile of a conversation with her partners before jumping into bed with them. But as far as thrills to chase, this one would be tough to beat. A kid had spat fluoride rinse in her face today. She needed this.

The handsome man was back in his default position, staring at her from his mirror. He raised his brows at her in question. Ava nodded emphatically.

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