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Walter Wolfe is an editorial assistant for Chuff, a fashion-erotic-glam website. His favorite stories to edit and devour are penned by a mysterious author named Pandora Vox. Walter has long yearned to know Pandora in real life and now he might suddenly have his chance. What happens when an erotica author meets one of her most ardent readers?




It has been a while since I’ve received a submission from Pandora. Every day I scan the list in my inbox, notice her moniker missing, and register a small deflation. I can’t help it; I’m a bit obsessed. A few months ago, after her last story, “Stroking After Midnight”, which by the way became the number one download on the ezine, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, imagining her, wanting to know her.

Meeting her would be against company policy, especially with a contributor that means as much to the ezine as Pandora Vox does. We don’t pay much, and we don’t hand out contracts; we rely on a writer’s loyalty, or stupidity, to keep the submissions coming our way, rather than to the fifty million other erotica sites. We’re trying to build and corner the market on erotica for men. It’s small, but it’s growing a bulge. And Pandora Vox writes for men.

At Chuff we are drilled with the directive: stay cool, keep your head, no matter how much you want to, no fraternizing (read, fucking) with advertisers, co-workers, and definitely not with contributors. Chuff is all about sex, but we’re supposed to be sexless, you know what I mean? Sex makes people do crazy stuff. And Chuff won’t have us jeopardize the profitable imbalance between the mega-earning corporation and the naive struggling writer. According to Gillian, this happened before and it was a disaster.

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