HOTWIFE a la mode by J. S. Callins

  • Written by: J.S. Callins


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Imagine a beautiful, buxom blonde in her mid-fifties. Now, envision that same woman, flaunting her shapely figure in front of several young men—wearing only a tiny bikini.


What would happen if a college boy made a move on the sexy, mature lady? Would she get carried away with the moment and go for it? Or might she remember her wedding vows and restrain herself at the last minute?


What about her middle-aged husband? How would he react if a handsome, young buck hit on his beautiful wife? Would he get jealous—or might he become excited and unwittingly encourage her?


Phil and Rebecca had been married for over thirty years. As an anniversary present, Phil booked them on a luxury cruise. During their vacation, Becca discovers an uncontrollable attraction to young men. She finds one so irresistible, she allows him to take her, right in front of her husband.


When the couple return from their naughty vacation, two of their son’s friends stop by for a visit. That’s when things get really dicey.


And what does Rebecca’s loving husband get out of the illicit affairs? All the fresh, delicious cream he can eat—of course.


Come join this happy couple in the new, experimental phase of their love-life. Find out how wife-sharing awakens their deep, hidden desires, and transforms them both into uninhibited, libidinous beasts.


You must be at least 18 to indulge yourself in this adult fantasy.




My mature, sexy wife and I hung around the pool for almost five hours. At least a dozen young men ogled her in that tiny, two-piece suit and we both loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, Angel never showed up. I’m not sure which of us was more disappointed.

After sharing two pitchers of margaritas, we figured it was time to shower and get ready for dinner.

* * * *

At six o’clock sharp, my wife and I were sitting at The Sky Bar. Becca’s jet-black top was skin tight, with spaghetti straps over her shoulders. Although she sported four inches of décolletage, that was far from the sexiest part of her ensemble. Her light gray skirt barely covered her panty-less pussy, and left the bottom of her ass cheeks peeking out from behind.

“Wow! Uh, hello there!”

My wife turned around and came face to face with Angel. Her eyes lit up and a smile overtook her stoic expression. “Hi yourself—where were you today?”

The youngster’s head cocked and his eyes squinted. “Uh, my buddy and I went into town while the ship was docked.”

Becca leaned forward and taunted the youngster with her big tits. “Did you boys have fun?”

His eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. “Oh, yeah.”

“Anyone feel like going to our cabin for a drink?” I blurted. Shit, I should have waited until the right moment.

“Sure!” Their surprise response came in perfect harmony.

* * * *

Angel and I each held an elbow as we guided my wife to our cabin. Once inside, I took Becca’s drink and helped her to the loveseat.

The youngster took his favorite chair, right in front of my lovely bride.

Rebecca breathed deeply, then let out a long, slow sigh. “Mmm, don’t you just love being on a cruise?”

The young man stared at my wife’s knees, waiting for them to part. “Yeah, it’s a lot of fun.”

Becca’s lips quivered and her nose twitched. “I just wish we were younger. I get so intimidated by all the beautiful women and their perfect bodies.”

Angel’s eyes were still locked onto their target. “Why would you be intimidated? You’re absolutely gorgeous.”

My wife’s teeth scraped across her lower lip. “You’re sweet to say that, but I know their bodies are so much better than mine. A few years ago, I’da fit right in—now, not so much.”

“Too bad you weren’t by the pool earlier,” I interjected. “Becca wore a tiny bikini—I think you’da liked it.”

My wife’s knees opened slightly. “With all those young, flawless bodies in their microscopic bathing suits—Angel wouldn’t have given me a second look.” She gazed into his fluttering eyes, awaiting his response.

“I’ll admit, there are a lot of sexy women on the cruise. But you’re so elegant, so classy—you’re like a rose in full bloom.”

Becca’s smile widened and her face flushed pink. “Do you really think so?”

“Oh, yes.”

I sat completely still and silent. I watched and listened intently as a young stranger flirted with my wife. I felt no pang of jealousy or anger—but I did feel my cock fill with blood.

“Maybe I’ll wear my bikini again tomorrow. Would you like that?”

Angel said nothing, he just stared at her exposed inner thighs.

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