Lights, Camera, Brat! by Hadley Foxe


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Meet Madison, a recent high school graduate and the daughter of a filthy rich investor. With a hot, successful boyfriend and a few Ivy League acceptance letters, life is great.

And then her world flips. She learns the man of the house wants her as badly as she wants him. Added to that, her boyfriend brings a camcorder into the bedroom, and now the girl would rather do porn than go to college. With a little help from those she holds dearest, can she turn her porn dreams into reality?



I slid off him. Daddy’s features towed the line between surprise and sadness. “What are you doing?”


“I’ve got an idea. I’ve had enough talk about you stroking your cock. I’d like to see it.” He shook his head as he started to speak, but my hands stopped him in his tracks. With his belt and zipper undone, I lowered to my knees. “Take it out and show me how you masturbate.”




“No talking, only stroking,” I commanded. “Let me watch you jerk your cock.”


“This is so wrong,” he said as he fished his dick through his crotch.


I gasped. His cock was a great deal larger than I’d expected. The rigid pipe was long and thick, and it was capped with a leaky head. He shut his eyes, wrapped his fingers around the base, and slid along his length. I was mesmerized. “Daddy, you look so sexy doing that. What are you picturing?”


“Your face covered in my jizz.”


“Like those girls in your magazines?”


“Just like those girls,” Daddy said as he set his metronome faster.


He widened his stance and groaned. His back was hunched as he propelled himself toward release.


My excitement grew, and I turned joyous at the thought of watching that beast spasm and throw pearly arcs of slippery cream.


“You want to come on my face, Daddy?” I asked.


“Are you sure?”


“I’m sure,” I said, and I moved closer and inhaled his primal scent.


“Would my baby girl like a thick load on her face?”


“Yes. Give me your cum.” My voice was heavy with exhilaration. He fisted at a furious pace, his throat sending out constrained grunts. I trembled with excitement as he tensed. “Do it.”


“No. This is wrong.” He repackaged his manhood. “I can’t.”

There was a palpable shift in the air as we both snapped to our senses. The reality of our father-daughter relationship was all too clear. We couldn’t do these things we so desperately yearned to do.

“Maddy, please leave,” Daddy said as he sat down. He crossed his legs to hide his erection. I tried to speak, but the words caught in my throat. Did I have to go? I much preferred stripping his clothes, crawling on top of him, and fucking him until my cunt seized and his prick spurted. I’d wanted it for so long, and I knew he wanted it, too.

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