Peeping Tom

  • Written by: Serena Starling


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With their parents away on a cruise, Lexi and her stepbrother Bishop are taking full advantage of their time alone together. But when Bishop and his friends come home early from work and catch little Lexi poolside with her hands down her bikini bottoms, she offers them the experience of a lifetime: all three can take what they want, hard and rough, with nothing off limits. As the boys jump in to satisfy Lexi’s naughty cravings, none of them realize they’re being watched by a nosy neighbor who has plans of his own to make Lexi pay for her teasing.


I closed my eyes and cried out. So very close…

Suddenly, a shadow fell over my body. Had Mr. Nelson actually come into my yard? I squealed at the thought, my eyes flying open as I sat up, panting and half naked, my body screaming for release.

It wasn’t Mr. Nelson, it was Bishop. And he wasn’t alone. I heard the soft sound of the patio door closing, and turned to see Cam and Eddie, his two friends from my stepdad’s landscaping company, approach to stand next to my stepbrother. They stared at me with lust in their eyes as Bishop smiled down at me.

Damn, he’s hot, I thought, even though my cheeks burned with embarrassment at getting busted with my hand down my bikini bottoms. Just a few days ago, in this very spot, I’d teased Cam and Eddie to the point of no return. They’d double-teamed me as my stepbrother watched, and it had been epic.

 “You’re home early,” I gasped, raising my sunglasses to take in the sight of Bishop and his friends. They all wore boots, shorts, and t-shirts with the Slater Landscaping logo. All three were dirty and sweaty, with an enormous bulge in their shorts. Yummy. Why had Bishop brought them home—round two, perhaps?

Doubtful. But a girl could dream, couldn’t she?

“It’s Friday,” Bishop informed me. “Dad left their checks here for me to give to them.”

“Oh.” I leaned back in my chair, unable to hide my disappointment. “Is that the only reason you brought them home?”

Bishop laughed. “Why? Were you thinking of a better reason?”

I looked away, pouting, not at all happy at being laughed at. “You said yourself you liked watching them screw me.” He’d told me that in private, so he would probably get pissed off about me saying it out loud in front of his friends. But I was so crabby about being interrupted, I didn’t care if I hurt his feelings at this point.

Bishop’s laugh cut short. He narrowed his eyes at me. “No. That’s not what I said. I said I liked watching my baby sister get screwed. There’s a difference.”

Cam and Eddie shifted their feet nervously, as though they weren’t sure if they were about to get lucky, or get punched in the face by their boss’s son.

Bishop took a step closer, the bulge in his shorts only an inch away from my face. “Is that what you want, Lex? For them to screw you?”

I stared up at him. He looked angry, yes, but behind the anger was desire. Pure, unadulterated lust. He wanted me to say yes. I smiled, feeling so very powerful. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I want,” I purred, licking my lips at Cam and Eddie. “But I want all three of you. And I want you to be rough with me. None of that boss’s daughter crap. I want it hard—three guys, three holes. What do you think about that, Bishop?”

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