Revenge of the Stepmother by Kay Brandt

  • Written by: Kay Brandt

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The unwanted sons of a deceased billionaire return to the estate they were cast out from to claim their inheritance, only to find their former stepmother is in control of the money, and their futures. Should they accept her lusty terms to fulfill all desires, the young wayward men must agree to be her lovers, as well as romantic companions to her lonely daughter and start a new family. In return the brothers will be granted every material wish, including their own wings in the estate, but they must never venture beyond her set of naughty rules—or face the consequences of a ruthless woman who'll stop at nothing to satisfy her passions.



From my bedroom suite, I watch Brent and Greg on the security cameras, dressed in old jeans, ratty t-shirts and faded baseball caps. Gazing at the screen, I touch myself, pleased with their studly physiques and muscular pects. They are stacked and built like little fuck machines under their poor exteriors. I wear a stunning lace body stocking with a satin black robe, heels and barely-there panties—just enough to cover my hairless patch.

My smooth pussy's a bit wet seeing how agitated they are at being fingerprinted. There's no real reason for the procedure—I'm just fucking with them like they did with Angelica. Bergman, my faithful butler, lets the boys in. I've given Bergman many blow jobs—gulping on his cock helped me cope with marital frustrations and being a lonely widow. His penis is very enjoyable to suck, with it's understated elegance. Angelica's been practicing on him, too.

“Hello, young men. Welcome home. Come give your stepmother a hug.” Opening my arms, I beckon Brent and Greg to hug my chest at once. “I know we weren't affectionate when you lived here. You realize Samson forbid me from having any contact with either of you, yes?” 

Brent and Greg don't move. Instead, they study me with suspicion. Brent speaks up first. “What's up, Daniella? You're all fancy in your—thing. You didn't mention the occasion in your invitation.”

“Because I guessed my intentions would be understood.” Asserting my power, I move closer to the boys, arms still open. “I missed my stepsons, and quite honestly, I've been terribly worried about your welfare since your mother died.”

Brent keeps his hands locked in his pockets, as does Greg. There's a goodness in them, but their father's asshole traits speak loudly in their genes. “What's to be worried about, Daniella?” Greg speaks with spite. “We're broke and uneducated. You cut us off from our college funds, remember? Brent and I have no prospects but begging for shitty jobs and paying rent in bad neighborhoods. I hope you didn't think we'd bring you flowers.”

Realizing they need hard spankings, not a warm embrace, I get down to business. “Not in my wildest imaginings did I think you'd bring me anything, Greg. I did think, however, you might show some gratitude for the woman who kept a roof over your heads. You were Samson's charity cases from the day you were born. It was my heart that saved you from a worse fate.”

Brent and Greg flinch, disliking the ugly truth. Brent lowers his face, rubbing the sole of his cheap sneakers on the marble floor like a rotten kid with no class, leaving skid marks. “You don't care about us, Daniella. Quit acting like you do.”

“Don't pretend to know what I feel, Brent. You're too young and small minded to understand anything about women.”

He doesn't respond but I sense his anger brewing. Greg nudges his brother, then offers his opinion. “You say you care about us, but you've never been anything but a bitch.”

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