The Maid and the Virgin by Kay Brandt

  • Written by: Kay Brandt


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Daniella's naughty plan to invite her stepsons, Brent and Greg, to come live at the estate hasn't gone quite as planned. They've enforced their will to stay in their bedrooms, and not play by Daniella's romantic rules. She'd wanted the rebellious brothers to satisfy her every whim, as well as her daughter's. What other choice does a wealthy, gorgeous, lonely widow have but to create a naughtier plan? In comes the stunningly beautiful Delilah, who settles for nothing less than total satisfaction. She discovers what Brent and Greg have been doing in their rooms—toying with one of Daniella's tawdry maids—and takes it upon herself to straighten the bad girl out. While Delilah teaches the servant girl what it means to serve, Daniella handles the brothers and brings them to their knees. 



“So sweet.” Mina licked at Angelica's juicy clit, sliding down the curve of it, addicted to Angelica's intoxicating taste.

“Ohhh...” Angelica closed her eyes, remembering Greg's cock in her hands, slipping between her pursed lips, filling the back of her throat with its fullness. Greg's shaft was perfect for her inexperienced mouth. It felt terribly naughty, bobbing on his bulbous head, and swallowing his big drips of pre-cum.

“I wanted to have Greg inside me so bad,” she whimpered, letting her head fall as her legs opened wider. Mina's tongue went erect, like a small, stiff penis penetrating Angelica's virgin hole, widening with each plunge. 

“I wanted him to fill me and take my virginity!”Angelica cried, pretending Mina's tongue was Greg's shaft. She rocked her hips, taken by the pleasure of penetration. “I wanted Greg to be my first cock!” 

Making “mewing” sounds while slipping inside her mistress's lusciousness, Mina ignored Angelica's whines and murmurs about Greg. Lost in her creaminess, tongue rolling from tight hole to the peak of her sensitive clit, then trailing over swollen folds, Mina felt Angelica's bud react with a sudden twitch. 

“Oh God!” Angelica bucked her hips from the hot rush. She didn't want to come yet, pushing Mina's face, breaking the suction with a sticky pop. “Maybe I should practice on you?” Angelica questioned, eyes lusty, wanting more than coming on her maid's face. “Maybe I should ride you like I wanted to do on Greg?” 

“Ah huh,” Mina replied with a slurp, taking hold of Angelica's soft, warm thighs. She let her tongue fall from the hole it worshiped, and laid back on the floor. Leaning on her elbows, Mina extended her long legs towards the ceiling, inviting Angelica in. Her face glistened with sweet juice, and she gave a naughty smile. “Maybe you should?”

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