Sexual Deception by Eva Hore


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Young and naïve Sarah meets the man of her dreams and a doctor to boot.  Michael Martin, is suave and sophisticated and has no trouble sweeping Sarah off her feet and into marriage.  As promised Michael introduces her into his world of sexual adventures but when the sex becomes therapy Sarah decides his manipulation has gone on too long.



A pretty girl was tied to a post.  She was naked and strong rope had been crisscrossed over her body to secure her.  Her breasts looked purple, so tight were the ropes that they were constricting the blood flow.  Two men were standing beside her; every now and again they’d whip her.  One man, who had a woman sucking his cock, grabbed her by the hair and pushed her at the feet of the other man.  She latched onto his cock, while he continued on as though nothing had happened.

A woman dressed in leather, wearing a leather mask and carrying a small whip was leading a man, who was wearing a collar, around on all fours.  Every now and again, she’d stop, berate him for something, flick him with the whip and then continue on.  It was the most bizarre thing I’d ever seen.

“I’ve seen enough,” I whispered.

I tried to move away but Michael made me bend over, told me to keep looking while he ran his hand up my thigh.  I tried to pull away from him but he grabbed the edge of my panties and ripped them off, throwing them onto the lawn.  I turned my head and saw his fingers on his lips indicating for me to be quiet and then he forced himself into me.

I wasn’t ready and because his cock is so big it burned as though tearing open my flesh.  I tried to protest but he was oblivious to me and began pounding harder until he came, pulling his cock out and allowing his cum to spew over my bum.  It was rough and quick and I didn’t like it at all.

I turned and straightened as he pulled away from me and when I saw the cheeky smile on his lips I was confused with what had just happened.  These last few days sex had been brilliant.  Michael had been considerate and caring but just now he’d been brutish and cruel.

He slapped me on the behind as we walked back into our apartment.  I wanted to tell him I was disgusted with having to watch those people and not happy with his behavior, but he was acting like it was all perfect.  I wasn’t sure what to say.  I was becoming to understand there were two sides to Michael’s personality, and this was the side of him I didn’t like.

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