Mistaken Miss Taken by Evie Bliss

  • Written by: Evie Bliss


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While waiting for her acting career to take off, 22-year-old Abby makes ends meet working as a member of the housekeeping staff at a busy Sydney Harbour hotel. When Abby stumbles into the suite of a sexy all-Australian cowboy, she gets much more than she bargained for. 

Aussie lad, Ted, is visiting 'the big smoke' on his way to see the world. When a case of mistaken identity results in him getting up close and personal with a beautiful member of the hotel staff, will he take advantage of the situation, or run for the hills.

This explicit MF short story takes place in Sydney, Australia. (9500 words)



"What's your name?" his breath came, again tickling with sensation across her neck.

She hesitated, unsure whether even an answer was somehow condemning her in a sackable offence.

The she let go of her fear and answered.

"Abby" she whispered, her voice laden with the labor of her panting.

"Turn around, Abby." The voice was gentle but commanding, rumbling from deep within a muscled chest, as the man removed his body from where it pressed against hers.

She let him guide her around to face him. The man placed the flats of his palms on the bench behind her, again locking her within the circle of his limbs. He leaned his body in toward her, until she felt the long, thick cylinder of his towel-covered erection pressing against her abdomen, as his excitement-filled blue eyes smiled down into her arousal-enflamed ones.

The wonder of heightened awareness had Abby's every nerve awake and straining for sensation. Time distorted. Vision enhanced. Colors became more vibrant, as Abby's gaze swam deep into the look of fervent desire in the man. His facial muscles, in turn, formed in half-smiles of wonder and connection that danced between the two human beings. His face was filled with the pleasure of seeing his own state of want reflected in the woman's eyes. It was plainly evident that each of the two people were mutually needy in this ancient dance of seduction.

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