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  • Written by: Hadley Foxe


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I’m so excited! Tonight, I’m selling my body for the man of the house. I’ll be a hooker just like his wife. He’s excited, too, because he gets the sloppy seconds. And the john? He thinks he’ll pay a hefty price for an all-access pass to my young, eager body. But little does he know I’m cheap. I’ll do the dirtiest, nastiest things for pennies on the dollar, because that’s what gets me off!



Since I’m new to heels, I haven’t mastered jogging in them, so I do my best to hustle through the rain as the thrill of what lies beyond pulls me forward. The cool droplets feel nice soaking through my clothes. I stop at the threshold, my body still as I draw another deep breath.


Knock, knock.


I hear footsteps and my pulse races. And then the door opens, and I hear my voice crack as I rush the words. “Hi. I’m Haley.”


Mike opens his mouth, but he doesn’t make a sound. Instead, he stares at me like a blue-eyed, dumbstruck deer. I study his face. He has a strong, Grecian nose and a wide, stubbly jaw.


“God damn,” he finally says as he takes off his cap. He flattens his straw-colored hair. “You look amazing.”


I blush, and I feel my nervousness bleed away like the rain running into the gutters.

“Thanks. Won’t you invite me in?”


“Right, of course.” He smacks his forehead. “I’m sorry.”


I shut the door behind me and note that my prediction was incorrect. This place is much worse than I’d expected. Years of untended stains litter the dated carpet. The walls are filthy, the old mattress sagging. The room smells of pot, cum, and lonely tears. In other words, it’s perfect.


“It’s alright. Am I your first hooker?”


“It’s that obvious, isn’t it?” He holds out his hand. “I’m Mike, by the way.”


His grip is strong, his skin rough. I can tell he works for a living.


“A little obvious,” I say. I wonder, though. Can he tell it’s my first, too?

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