Erotica Just For Her by Eva Hore

  • ISBN: 978-1-5045-0406-5
  • Written by: Eva Hore


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This collection of smoldering hot erotic stories was written for women who aren’t afraid to read what other women get up to when their fantasies sometimes turn to reality, are you?



I lifted it over my head and resumed my position on the bed on my knees.  Brad whistled his approval as he clicked away.  My pussy was getting wetter.  All my attention was focused on my breasts.  I knew I must have looked hot, only in my suspenders, stockings and stilettos.

“Do you mind if we have Carmen in some of these shots as well?” he asked. 

“If you like,” I said, watching her climb up on the bed.

She undid part of her top and it fell down exposing a beautiful breast.  She kneeled in the exact same position as me, as though we were mirroring each other.

We were so close our nipples were nearly touching.  This was far more exciting than I thought it would be.  I never dreamed this morning that I'd be nearly naked on a bed with another woman and I was more than surprised I was going along with it all.

Thank God Monica wasn’t here; I know I would have done it if she had.

“Do you mind if we do some more erotic shots?” Brad asked.  “You two complement each other and you're so natural at it.”

“Thanks,” I said, blushing, trying to hide my feelings.  I was so turned on; I was willing to do anything.  “Sure, what would you like me to do?”

“Lay back here against the pillows.  Great.  Carmen, drop your clothes and get up on the bed,” he said.

In a flash she was left in only her underwear and then everything went insane.  Her hands were all over me, touching and exploring.  I responded by kissing her and once I did that she went wild.  Her hands slipped down between my thighs and over my mound.  I was breathing heavily as her fingers tantalized my pussy.

I totally forgot about Brad and even Jason.  I couldn’t think of anything else except Carmen and what she was doing to me.  Her touch was electric, her breath on my face intoxicating and her presence overwhelming.

Suddenly she ripped my g-string from me with such force it took my breath away, the excitement and her forcefulness making me putty in her hands.

Her hands roamed over me, plucking at the suspenders and then up to my bra strap.  She unclipped it and threw it to the floor.  I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into me kissing her with such force I tasted blood on my lip.

Then I too was naked except for the suspenders and stocking and we fell to the bed in an embrace.  She repositioned herself until we were in the 69 position and buried our faces into each other’s snatches.  God, it was beautiful, licking her sweet-smelling cunt, my fingers pulling apart her fold so I could nibble on her clit. 

I marveled at the beauty of another woman’s body.  Her flesh warm, smooth and hairless.  Her scent intoxicating, her hair soft to touch so unlike a man’.  I couldn’t get enough of her; I touched her everywhere, my fingers raking down her back wanting to draw blood, wanting to put my mark on her.

Brad kept shooting while we made love to each other.  I seriously forgot he was there; I was so in tuned with her that nothing else mattered.

When we finally took a break, I couldn’t believe what I’d just done.  When Jason and I had made love, it had been nice and easy, he was considerate and caring but with Carmen it was hot and carnal.  I wanted it again and again. 

I stared at Carmen, her creamy skin slick with perspiration.  My leg was flopped over one of hers and the contrast in our coloring was so appealing.  I felt a stirring and wanted her again.

“Man, that was really something,” Brad said staring at us.

My inhibitions were gone.  I felt nothing with his eyes on me but glancing back at Carmen I felt a pull towards her, a feeling that I didn’t want to let her go at any time.

“I’ve got another session in half an hour,” Brad said.  “If you want to go and get changed I’ll straighten up in here.”

We picked up our discarded clothes.  I noticed Brad was not interested in us anymore.  He was a professional after all.  Some men I thought would still be ogling two women who were naked but not him.

The thought crossed my mind he could be gay.

Could I?

It had all come so naturally with Carmen.  The sex had been incredible.  I’d never felt that way with Jason and thinking of him now I didn’t even feel guilt only how I was to tell him that I didn’t want to be with him anymore.

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