More Than Neighborly by Taylor Avery

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     When Nicole Henrick sees new neighbors, Moose and Delilah Barrett moving in next door, she knows instantly that her husband Brett will be lusting over this voluptuous, ebony goddess.  Having an open marriage, Nicole has no objection,.except... suddenly she realizes this could be the perfect opportunity to get that new red convertible that she's been salivating over. And, perhaps a taste of some tall dark chocolate, too. 
     So Nicole wrangles a bet with her husband that forbids him from saddling up with the saucy new neighbor for at least thirty days. If he screws up, and nails this ebony goddess before the thirty days are up, he loses the bet and has to buy his wife the red convertible. I can't reveal how the story ends, but I can assure you that these two couples will be swapping more than neighborhood gossip. It is a story filled with lots of naughty frolicking where everyone end up as a winner. You can almost hear the grunting, cooing and moaning that echo through their backyards. And, the twisted ending that will have you twisting too. This book is part of Taylor Avery's Brazen Bet series where everyone is a winner

Warnings: This title contains sexual wagers, erotic language, interracial swapping, and joyful sex scenes.


Word Count: 17,000




     Delilah could feel a deep pulse start low in her belly as she listened to her new neighbor, Nicole describe the brazen bet she had made between her and her husband.
     "This is the wager I've  made with Brett." Nicole continued, "If he can keep his gun holstered for at least thirty days, then I promised him that he can buy that stupid tractor he has been dreaming about. It comes with something called a frontend loader and a backhoe attachment and it costs over fifteen thousand dollars.  I cant figure out what makes a guy pant over a stupid tractor, but I tell you Delilah, my husband sure as fuck doesn't need one..
     "Listen Delilah, here's the kicker to the whole deal. If Brett can't keep his testosterone under control and ends up... Oh hell... I may as well sayit--fucking you, before the thirty days are up, then instead of him getting that stupid tractor, he has to buy me a new red convertible.  It's a MRK II retractable.  You know, the one where the hard-top folds  into the trunk. Oh god, I know this is an outrageous request, and I hope you're not offended, but I had to ask you Delilah. I want that car so bad."
     "Nicole Honey, I'm certainly not offended at anything you've said.  Actually, it's quite flattering to know I can drive a man like your husband into such a sexual frenzy. I take it you're asking me to hook-up with him before the thirty days are up.  I'm not surprised because he's been pushing his hard cock up against my ass ever since you guys moved in. You haven't heard me complain have you? So...say no more. I'm all-in girl."
     "You mean you'd really do it, Delilah?"
     "Do it?" Of course I'd do it.  Love to do it. And believe me, I'd have no trouble handling Brett. Let him have a little feel and he would be putty in my hands. Well, maybe I should say, hard putty in my hands. I've got no problem helping you out, but what about my husband?"
     "Oh, you think Moose would object to you hooking up with Brett?
     "No, no no, not that. You already know we're both quite open about that kind of stuff.  I just don't want him feeling left out while I have all the fun."
     "Nicole sat there looking puzzled..
     "Don't think you're getting my drift, neighbor."
     Suddendly Nicole's eyes lit up and a grin covered her face. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a little slow but I'm with you now.  My job eh? Oh god this bet is getting better all the time."

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