Piedmont Passions: The Cowboy by Edythe Baudin

  • ISBN: 9781504500593
  • Written by: Edythe Baudin


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Forced to leave Texas to avoid a sheriff’s wrath, Chet finds a position on a horse ranch in the Piedmont Valley of Northern Virginia. His “screw ‘em and leave ‘em” attitude pisses off one of his co-workers, while his “I’m a real cowboy” haughtiness antagonizes his employer’s older son, Junior. Seeking to knock Chet down a couple notches, Junior devises a plan to sexually humiliate the cowboy in front of his friends, members of a local polo club, using several female college cheerleaders as bait. The plan backfires and the ensuing developments prove enlightening for the younger son, Gavin, and the pissed-off co-worker−two young men who share a secret about their sexual orientation.

Warnings: This story contains graphic language, f/m and m/m sex, and moderate non-consensual sex.

Word Count: 8630




“Clean me off!” Chet demanded as he showed his shaft back into Jose’s open mouth. “Oh yeah! Fuck you got a fine mouth with them thar puffy lips. I hope you got off too.” His mouth stuffed with Chet’s manhood, Jose made an affirmative sounding grunt, while Chet noted with pleasure the obviously soaked condition of Jose’s jeans in the crotch and down one leg.
Thinking any further sexual antics would wait until they arrived at the ranch, Jose stood, brushed the dirt from his knees, and climbed back on the leather seat. “Hold on there kiddo,” Chet exclaimed. “I’m not done with you yet!” He spun around and sat on the leather seat facing forward. “Sit on this Texas long-horn!” The cowboy held his rigid tool upright with one hand, using the other and his teeth to open a foil packet. “You’re gonna’ ride this motha-fuck’r as you take us to the bunkhouse. The bike’s vibrations on the rough road will make my thick dick tickle your fancy deep up your ass.”
“I don’t think so. I came and don’t feel like getting fucked right away. Can’t it wait until we relax a bit, have a beer, and start over?”
“No! It’s now or you can forget about enjoying my dick up your ass this evening.” Reluctantly, Jose raised his butt off the seat and let his stretched-out hole inside the tear in his jeans hover over Chet’s throbbing endowment. “Atta boy. Let your butt slide down my cock. Take your time. Ah! Yes, that’s one tight boy pussy.” Slowly Jose allowed his weight to carry his body lower until he was fully impaled on Chet’s staff. The zipper and coarse denim of the cowboy’s work clothes scratched his ass cheeks uncomfortably; but Jose’s dick reacted favorably to the pleasurably full sensation. “Now start the bike and let’s go for a real ride. It’ll be almost like yer fighting to stay on the saddle of a bucking bronco.”
Jose fired up the bike then leaned back against Chet’s broad chest as the machine leaped forward onto the paved road. “Oh! Fuck!” Chet hugged the boy’s body tightly against his own, eventually dropping one hand into Jose’s crotch, unfastening his jeans, and pulling a stiff shaft out to revel in the night air.
“Ungh! Ungh!” Jose grunted as Chet stroke the Latino’s rigidity. The erotic sensations caused Jose to press down, forcing even more of the cowboy’s shaft into his ass. The cycle’s vibrations put the best dildo Jose ever toyed with to shame.
The euphoric torment continued for several miles before they approached the access drive to the ranch. “You better pull over,” Chet whispered in Jose’s ear. “You make too much noise to risk getting closer.” Jose pulled off the drive into a turnout leading to one of the pastures and stopped the cycle. Chet rebuffed the twink’s efforts to engage in a passionate kiss: “I don’t do sloppy sentimental shit. Get off the bike, lean over the seat and take my cock back up your ass.”
Disappointed, Jose dismounted and bent over the bike. Chet roughly tugged Jose’s jeans down to pool around his ankles, slapped the bare brown cheeks a couple of times, and thrust his cock through Jose’s pucker until it was again buried balls deep in the Latino’s hole. “Jerk your cock while I fuck your ass. I want to see you cum all over the leather.” Without waiting for a reply from Jose, Chet battered the young man’s hole, eventually forcing the Latino’s cock firmly against the motorcycle seat. Unable to keep his hand on his shaft, Jose endured the rough anal pounding without the ability to relieve himself−each pounding of Chet’s big, low-hanging, balls on the Latino’s taint, brutally battering his prostate, increased Jose’s exquisite agony.
“Oh yeah!” Chet howled as he filled the condom deep in Jose’s innards. Removing some of his weight from the Latino’s back, he ordered the youth to “Stroke it if you want to get off again.” Hard up for release, Jose reluctantly obeyed and quickly spurted his juices on the seat, hoping that would end the harsh treatment. “Now lick it off the leather!” Chet pushed the boy’s face against the seat and held it there until all the cum was cleaned up.
“Good job, kid.” Chet released Jose and started to pull his coveralls back up. “You better get dressed before heading home,” the cowboy said as he fastened the straps.
“Aren’t you going to invite me into the bunkhouse. We could get naked, shower, cuddle a bit, maybe nap, and then you could fuck me long and slow.” Jose’s eyes watered as he pleaded for some tender affection from the tall Texan.
“Fuck off! I ain’t into cuddlin’ and other sappy stuff. I like my sex raw with no lingering sentimentality. You’ve had my cock now drive me to the bunkhouse then go home and leave me alone.” Dejected, Jose dressed, mounted his cycle, delivered Chet to the bunkhouse, and sped off, leaving a shower of gravel behind.

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