Fresh Meat by Jack Osprey

  • ISBN: 9781609822002
  • Written by: Jack Osprey


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 Deep in West Virginia’s mining country lies the forgotten town of Wolf Haven, a place full of deep tunnels and dark secrets. Mechanic Buck Howland decides to have one more go at Miss Christine, the pretty school teacher, and ask her to marry him. A driving mishap on her class outing provides the perfect opportunity for a little spontaneous romance. But Buck didn’t count on art teacher Randall Flambeau coming along for the ride, or Miss Christine’s surprise answer to his question. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. Fresh Meat is an erotic horror tale with more twists and turns than an abandoned coal mine. Put on your protective gear and stay alert; it’s going to be a rough ride.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language & violence, explicit sex, mfm, murder.

Word Count: 4,040


Seriously Reviewed, 16/20 SCORE

"HOLY CRAP!!! I would have never thought I could get turned on by a horror story but wow... A really creepy, short horror that... really set the mood for the spooky holiday."



“I’m not taking no for an answer this time, Chrissie.” Buck moved on her quick as a wolf, tugging open her white floral dress, his large hands sucking her in. Within seconds, he had the dress down to her waist, and was shoving down the straps to her fancy bra. Grunting like a wild beast about to devour her, he bent his face to her breasts and began to suck.

In spite of herself, Christine leaned back into the dusty book shelf, moaning with rutting pleasure and ran her fingers through his thick hair, her nails carving long furrows in his shoulders.

“Oh God, don’t do this! Damn you, Buck. I can’t help myself. You’re a beast! Stop it!”

“You’ve always brought out the animal in me, Chrissie. Come on, don’t be such a cautious prude. Marry me! You know we’re meant for each other.”

“No Buck, we’re not...Oh God!”

“I’m not stopping, Christine! Not this time!”

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