Blood Mobile by Kiera Thomas

  • ISBN: 9781609824976
  • Written by: Kiera Thomas


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The leader of a band of rogue vampires, Jacob Osterim, forms a plan that will have every ancient vampire descend on them. Hijack a bloodmobile. Donors will go in, but they won’t go out.

Wendy walks into the bloodmobile to donate. Jacob realizes she is her life mate. Jacob’s vampire lover, Elizabeth, promises revenge, promises to kill Wendy when the time is right.

Warnings: This title contains f/f sex, m/f/m sex, anal sex, graphic death.

Word Count: 15,188




The people of a small Virginia town in the middle of the thick Appalachian Mountains were unaware of what was taking place a few miles from their homes. A band of rogue vampires from all over the country were assembling in the darkest, thickest area of the mountains. These are vampires that didn’t obey the ancient spirit of the dead Laws. These vampires wanted to do things their way, not the way of the ancients.

Ten vampires assembled in the darkest of nights, seven males and thee females. They were anxious to set out on the plan they conceived. A plan that disobeyed every law, disobeyed every vampire that ever existed. A plan that was so reckless it could expose them to humans. Ancient Spirit of the Dead Law requires human ignorance of the vampire race.

Jacob, the acting leader of the rogue vampires, is a young, tall, extremely muscular man with midnight black eyes. On his bald head an Old Norwegian tattoo marks him from the top scalp flowing down the back of his neck, spreading across his broad shoulders and back.

Pointing towards seven of the vampires, five male and two of the female, “Go into town, feed then track down the vehicle we discussed.”

“Yes, Jacob.” They all responded in unison, nodding their heads. Turning away from Jacob, the seven vampires disappeared in a cloudy haze.

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