My Voyeur by Lola White

  • ISBN: 9781504501316
  • Written by: Lola White


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A dark erotic tale of lust and secrets, and a truth more dangerous than the pleasure she discovers under her voyeur’s watchful gaze.
I’d made a mess of my life, and while putting on a sex show every week wasn’t most women’s idea of a good job, at least I was finally off the streets. I even had a regular—a man who made me comfortable with what I did because he was behind glass and faceless in the dark. But then my voyeur revealed how much he saw.
Fern hasn’t had an easy life. With her pimp in jail, she becomes the star of an illegal sex show, and the only real disadvantage is her coworker, Devin. He wants more than Fern can give—she knows she doesn’t deserve someone as nice as him, and she can’t subject him to all her emotional baggage, let alone her intimacy issues. Her Tuesday night regular starts teaching her how to lower her guard, but when he takes her and Devin hostage, the show turns all too real.
Determined to gain their freedom through complete obedience to her voyeur’s commands, Fern has no choice but to face the truth that's brought to light.
Warning: This story is dark erotica and contains graphic sexual situations that may be uncomfortable for certain readers
Word Count: 30,000



I touched where he told me to, moved when he told me to, and his voice worked deeper into me. My mind, my body, I didn’t know—but I fell into his words and my muscles grew soft. Like being in a trance, his tone melded into my physical sensations and became something more than I’d ever intended.
“I love watching you touch yourself, and I love knowing you’re enjoying it.”
I rubbed my clit and it was nice. Warm. A tingling arc raced through my thighs until I parted them a little more. The warmth grew and something lower than my clit started to ache—not my pussy, but close. I moved my hand to find it.
“That’s right, gorgeous, go looking. Do what feels good. All for you, whatever you want.”
My want, his desire. His words offered a sense of freedom. From what? I didn’t know, but he led me where he wanted me to go, and I started believing that I might want to go there, too. Not that what I wanted mattered—he was in control and it was my job to obey.
Sliding my fingers down between my folds, I found myself to be wetter than I knew. I also realized my movement had been better than just rubbing a circle over my clit, so I did it a second time. It was a curious thing, to feel your lips plump under your own touch, to feel the displacement of warm flesh and yet have it inspire a stubborn wish for more.
His words came on a tide of heavy breathing. “So much better than it’s ever been, gorgeous. I like the expression that keeps crossing your face.”
I liked the way his breath broke. I liked knowing that I gave him something he wanted, something to deepen the illusion that he could have me. My voyeur had been with me every Tuesday for months, always coming back, faithful every week. He said I was his fantasy—not as a little girl but a grown woman—and a curl of pride slipped through me at the thought of being such a thing.
There was power in that, and I’d never had power before. My knees spread a little more, my hand moved a little faster.
 “Show me your vulnerability, gorgeous. You always try to be so strong.”
My pussy was growing slippery. I rimmed my entrance and pressed inside. My hips bucked, throwing me for a loop because I didn’t feel any urgency or lust, just a persistent awareness of pressure and a trembling curiosity deep inside me. I wanted to feel more—more pressure, more tingles, just more.
Pushing two fingers into my pussy helped ease the subtle ache inside. That was nice too. Hot walls closing in on my knuckles, and the creaminess I didn’t normally have. My fingers moved easily as I thrust and withdrew. For the first time, I wasn’t bored.
I was starting to enjoy myself.


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