Double Life by Tasha S. heart

  • ISBN: 9781504501989
  • Written by: Tasha S. Heart


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Courtney's marriage and life as a quiet housewife was all she needed--so she thought.
When her best friend, Josephine introduces her to the inhibited world of sex clubs and parties--freeing her from her traditional life--Courtney becomes addicted to her new life.
Courtney knew her husband Jacob wouldn't understand, forcing her to keep their secret.
Everything was manageable until Josephine reveals she has a strong attraction for her.
Courtney's little world gets turned upside when she has a secret affair with Josephine and they both develop feelings for each other.
Jacob walks in on Courtney and Josephine together and reveals he knew something was going on between them. Jacob joins them, easing Courtney's fears.
Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.
Word Count: 68,000



He looked down at his belt as it came off and smiled. "Josephine isn't taking you to strip clubs to check out guys, is she?"
"No. We don't go to strip clubs." I pulled the belt off the rest of the way and cracked it behind me like a whip. "Now, how about we put this belt to good use," I grinned wrapping the belt around my hand.
"Man, I'm becoming afraid of you now." He smiled. "Have you been a bad girl?" he asked taking the belt from my hand.
I bit my bottom lip, smiling. "I've been a very bad girl." Suddenly I thought back to Oliver's party and watching Jo having sex. I was a bad girl. He had no idea just how bad I was, I wanted to be. "I've been a very bad girl."
"Shame, shame. I think I'm going to have to teach you a lesson," he said turning me around and he lifted the back of my t-shirt. "Mmm, such a beautiful ass waiting to get spanked."
I couldn't explain how thrilling his word play was. "Mmm, teach me a lesson, baby," I whispered looking at him over my shoulder.
"Daddy," he said hitting my ass cheek with the belt.
"Ouch!" I yelped.
"You are to call me daddy."
I struggled to control my breathing as my chest heaved in and out from the excitement. "Yes, Daddy," I purred. I was taken by it, shocked. Role-play wasn't our usual course of action and after the night I had my entire body reacted. "Are you going to spank me again, Daddy?"
A low growl escaped from his lips. "Do you need another spanking?"
"Yes, please, Daddy." I bent over, leaning against the countertop with my ass in the air, moving it side to side. "Please give me more," I begged. Just then I understood the show. Being bent over the counter and being spanked with the belt reminded me of the woman in the schoolgirl outfit getting the same treatment I was. "Yes, Daddy, spank me."
He smiled hard, lightly hitting the loop of the folded belt in his palm. "Keep begging for it, baby," he said in a stern, serious tone.
"Fuck, Daddy, give me more," I begged almost whimpering.
He licked his lips and gave me a menacing smile as he held the belt tight in his hand. I held on to the edge of the countertop trying to brace myself, but still eager for what was to come. "Daddy is going to punish you for being a bad girl."
"Ooohh," I squealed as the belt hit my ass hard over and over. I couldn't even count them behind my squeals, screams, and moans that were the result of my punishment.
"Ready for the rest of your punishment, naughty girl?"
My throbbing ass cheeks were thankful the spanking was over and I couldn't wait for more. "Yes, baby," I answered feeling the fabric of my panties wet against my flesh.
I closed my eyes tight when feeling the leather of his belt again. "Now you know what you're supposed to call me."
"I'm sorry, Daddy. It won't happen again, Daddy."
"It better not." He leaned forward. "That's good, because I don't know how much more your poor little ass can take," he said pulling my panties away from my ass. "Such a beautiful ass you have," he moaned, rubbing his large hand over one cheek, then the other, and back and forth between them. I closed my eyes tight and lost control of my breathing when he pulled my panties the rest of the way down. He smiled and kissed the back of my neck as he pressed me hard against the counter. I could feel how much the teasing and spanking turned him on, even through his jeans. God, I wanted him. I wanted to feel him fuck me hard so much, my body quivered in anticipation.

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