Piedmont Passions: The Cowboy Lassos Logan by Edythe Baudin

  • ISBN: 9781504503143
  • Written by: Edythe Baudin


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“I never get fucked!” is the fundamental source of tension in The Cowboy Lassos Logan. Neither the cowboy nor Logan ever bottoms; yet each relishes the thought of topping the other. Intrigue, backfiring schemes, and sex−lots of sex−result from frustrated desires.

Chet, the hunky, rebellious Texan cowboy gets into deep trouble as he arrogantly struts his pretty substantial stuff around the Piedmont Valley of Northern Virginia. His previous experience with a quartet of college students royally pissed the four young men off and their leader, Logan, hatches a plot to have Chet fired from his new job at the country club in hopes the cowboy will be run out of town in disgrace. Logan’s scheme involves compromising nude photos of Chet and two swinging couples, members of the posh private club. Logan’s father is Chairman of the Board and politically well-connected so Logan’s plan is viable. Unfortunately for the attractive blond student, Chet anticipates Logan’s plan and improvises his own−involving photos of Logan and the other students in a blatantly gay pool party involving a circle jerk and anal intercourse.

The ploys of the insufferably egotistical Chet and the manipulative Logan clash in an angry exchange of accusations with sexually explicit photos supporting both sides of the dispute. The climax of the squabble occurs on the patio of Logan’s family mansion and ultimately ends with Logan and Chet skinny dipping in the pool−after Chet lassos Logan. 


Warnings: This story contains graphic language and m/m sex, orgy.
Word Count: 9500


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