Daddy's Favorites: Kayla by Selena Kitt

  • Written by: Selena Kitt


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Selena Kitt’s *Daddy's Favorites*—where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo fantasy to life.

Kayla is a naughty little daughter who likes to spy on her step daddy when he's alone in his office, watching his favorite dirty, anal porn clips on the computer.
His wife--Kayla' mother--doesn't appreciate his penchant for that sort of taboo, but Kayla is itching to give it a try.
She tells her step daddy she's behind him one-hundred-percent, and she's more than willing to let him sneak in her back door to give them everything they both want. 

Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot—careful!—it may just melt your ereader!

Word Count: 11,100



Once she heard him go up the stairs and close the door to his room, she turned off the oven—the casserole only needed a few more minutes—and raced to her room. She went straight to her laptop to see what he was up to. She heard the shower running already by the time the screen came to life, smiling when she saw him walk naked to slide his box out from under the bed. It didn’t take long before he realized what he was looking for wasn’t there.
Smiling, Kayla picked up the anal Fleshlight and headed to his room. She burst into his bedroom without knocking.
“Kayla!” He turned to her with his arms up, ready to fight. “What the hell are you—?”
His words halted, his arms falling to his sides, when he saw his toy in her hand.
“Are you looking for this?” She turned the toy over in her hands, examining it, holding it up like a telescope she might be able to see through.
He gave a strangled grunt, his mouth opened in surprise, eyebrows raised.
“Oh, don’t deny it, Daddy.” She licked her finger and wiggled it into the little pink hole, made to simulate an anus. “I’ve watched you a million times.”
“Wha… what?” He blinked at her. He looked pale.
“I’ve seen you jerking it in your office.” She twisted her finger, pushing deeper. Her stepfather’s gaze was fixed on what she was doing. “Watching all those girls take it up the ass. You like that, don’t you?”
“Kayla, give me that.” He held his hand out, but she took a step back, shaking her head.
“But you don’t have one of these out there.” She frowned, sliding her finger in and out of the hole. “How come? You should have one for home and office.”
She giggled, working another finger into the toy, her eyes widening.
“Oooohhh it’s tight, Daddy!” She brightened. “Does it feel good around your cock?”
“Kayla,” he warned, clearing his throat, his fist tightening around the lube in his hand.
“I love watching you fuck this thing,” she confessed. “Every time Mom goes in to take a bath, you take this out and—”
“Kayla!” he growled. “Enough! How in the hell were you watching… you were watching me?”
“Come here, and I’ll show you.” She left the room, expecting him to follow.
And he did.
Still carrying his toy, she walked into her room, leaving the door open wide. She’d left her laptop open too, still live-streaming from his room where the box sat, open on the bed, half its contents scattered over the comforter.
“Seriously, Kayla, what the hell is this? And why do you have that?” he asked, first pointing to the laptop before gesturing toward the Fleshlight still gripped in her hand.
“I like to watch,” she confessed. “Is that so awful?”
“What?” He stared at the screen, trying to register what he was seeing. He’d stopped to throw on a pair of boxers, she noticed. Too bad. “You have a camera in our room?”
“I told you, I like to watch.” She shrugged, cocking her hip and putting a hand on it. “What’s the big deal?”
“Kayla, this is insane.” Her stepfather took a step into the room, toward her, but she didn’t move, didn’t flinch. She raised her chin, meeting his eyes.

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