Daddy's Favorites: Leila by Selena Kitt

  • Written by: Selena Kitt


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Selena Kitt’s *Daddy's Favorites*—where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo fantasy to life.

Leila isn't interested in her parents' expectations--like college and a stable job.

Her new step daddy and his daily life hustling pool much more appealing to her and she decides to go after just what she wants.

Wait until sexy little Leila finds out it was her daddy's plan all along to sink his balls in her corner pockets!

Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot—careful!—it may just melt your ereader!

Word Count: 13,500



“You’re a bad girl.” He groaned. “Leila, don’t… I told you, this is dangerous. Someday, you’re going to end up toying with the wrong man…”
“Or the right one.” She undid his belt, pressing against him, his ass bumping against the edge of the old pool table. “You wanna teach me another lesson, Daddy?”
“Baby, please…”
“Show me,” she murmured. “What will a man do to me if I brush my breasts against him like this… or tease his cock, like this...”
“Stop,” he hissed, a hand coming up to grab her arm, fingers digging into her flesh. “Stop, before I lose control.”
“I want you to lose control,” she insisted, sliding a knee between his, riding up and down over his thigh, her dress pushed up. She wondered if he could feel, even through his jeans, how hot and wet she was for him. “You think I don’t know you? You think I don’t want just what you want, too? I saw you looking at me when you came in her mouth.”
“Jesus Christ, Leila,” he muttered, shaking his head. “If you don’t stop…”
“I’m not stopping.” She reached down to unzip his jeans. “If you want me to stop, you’ll have to stop me yourself.”

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