Daddy's Favorites: Nina by Selena Kitt

  • Written by: Selena Kitt


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Selena Kitt’s *Daddy's Favorites*—where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo fantasy to life.

Naughty Nina is a straight-A college student by day but a phone-sex operator by night.

If her daddy knew what she was up to, she'd be in big trouble, especially considering he's also a cop!

What neither of them know is that he's been calling in to her phone sex line for some time, sharing some forbidden, taboo fantasies to a "stranger."

When Nina sets up her first face-to-face session with her client, the jig is up, and everyone's secret desires are wickedly revealed.

Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot—careful!—it may just melt your ereader!

Word Count: 13,000



“Put your hand between your legs,” he said. “Your whole hand. Cup that hairy little pussy.”
His words made her blush. Maybe it was because, for the first time, she wasn’t pretending. She’d given him more than she’d ever given any client before, and it scared her a little.
“It’s so hot,” she informed him, her pubic hair tickling her fingers. “Glistening wet.”
“Fuck, I wish I could taste you.” He sighed. “Just thinking about putting my tongue between those fat little pussy lips makes me want to come.”
“Oh I love being licked,” she confessed, her finger parting her slit, easing her lips open, exposing her clit to the air. She shivered. “It’s been soooo long.”
“Has it?” he asked. “You don’t have a boyfriend? In real life?”
“No time.” She wrinkled her nose. “And the boys I know are… dumb.”
“Too bad.” He chuckled. “A girl like you should be thoroughly licked every night.”
She sighed at that, circling her clit with her finger.
“Can you picture me between your legs?” he whispered. “My hands spreading your thighs. I have big hands. Rough, calloused. Can you feel them?”
“Oh yes,” she breathed, sliding down further in her seat as she touched herself. She could imagine him all right. And she wanted him. What she wouldn’t have given to feel his tongue right there, lapping at her sensitive little nub. “Oh God, that feels so good.”
“It’s my tongue on you. Fuck, tasting you, devouring you.”
She moaned, rocking her hips. “That’s so good!”
“Yes, that’s my girl,” he urged. “Touch yourself like that. Rub that hot little pussy for Daddy.”
Daddy? He hadn’t gone there before and it shocked her a little, but it also sent an immediate thrill straight to her crotch. More than she thought possible.
“Oh Daddy,” she cried. “Your tongue feels so fucking good in my pussy.”
The fast sound of his breathing stopped altogether. Had he even realize what he’d said? She wondered. She’d slipped into his fantasy with him, quickly, easily, but had she made a mistake?
“That’s my baby girl,” he whispered, his voice low, pained. “Oh God, that’s hot. Let me lick your pussy until you come for Daddy.”
“Yes!” she cried, rubbing her clit faster. She’s never gotten off during a session before. After, a few times. Usually after this client, come to think of it. His voice did something to her. But never during. “Oh Daddy, you make my pussy feel so fucking good!”
“God I love how you taste,” he moaned. “I want you all over my face.”
“Pump your cock for me,” she urged. “Are you? Are you jerking it for me, Daddy?”
“Fuck yes,” he growled. “You make me so hard.”
“I wish I could feel it.” Her pussy contracted at the thought. “I want to feel you inside of me. I wish you could fuck me, Daddy.”
Jesus, this fantasy was getting out of control. His voice on the other end of the phone was driving her mad. She could almost feel his rough fingers parting her pussy lips, his tongue edging back and forth, round and round her clit. Her nipples were hard, aching pebbles. Her pussy spasmed. Close. So very close.
“Oh fuck, you make me so hot.” He groaned.
“Me too,” she gasped. “Oh it’s never been like this before. Oh God… I can’t… I don’t.”
“Don’t stop!” he insisted. “I’m jerking it so hard for you. God, I want your pussy!”
“I’m not stopping.” No fucking way was she stopping. Her mind skipped from the fantasy of him licking her to the reality of the man at the other end of the line, stroking his hard cock. Fantasy was blurring with reality, in so many ways.
“That’s Daddy’s pussy, isn’t it?” he growled. “Mine.”
“Yes!” She gave a strangled cry. Her eyes were closed, but she could see him, in uniform, kneeling between her open thighs. “Oh Daddy, it’s all yours! Take it! Lick my sweet little pussy until I come all over your face!”
In her fantasy, he looked up at her, those dark eyes, those eyes… she knew those eyes.
Matt? Matt—Daddy? Daddy, is it you? Oh fuck, Daddy, noooo, my pussy, you shouldn’t, you can’t, I can’t. Oh my fucking God I’m going to come!
Fantasy? Reality? She didn’t know the difference anymore.
“I’m coming for you, Daddy!” she cried, hips bucking off the chair, rocking it backward, tilting but not tipping. “Oh fuck! Fuck! You make my pussy feel so good! Ahhhhh!”

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