Irish Punk by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609823993
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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 Robert’s penchant for collecting characters from real life to populate his fictional world gets him into trouble–big time! He stares a little too long and too intently at Timothy as the young bank teller orders lunch at the sub shop. Robert envisions Tim as the archetypical young New York City Irish Five Points gang member. His thorough inventory of Tim’s physical attributes, including his raw sexuality, is noted by the nineteen year old.

Outside in the parking lot Tim accosts Robert in a threatening manner; but relents when Robert agrees to service the punk at a nearby video arcade. The demands from Tim increase to include his older brother Brian, a Deputy Sheriff, and some of his colleagues. Each encounter with the Irish brothers is more intense that the prior one, the sex escalating to bondage and whippings. All the while Robert expects Brian to cross the final line.

Robert’s feelings for Tim grow as the kid’s plight becomes more intolerable. Robert’s concern inspires him to discover Brian’s deeply buried secret which could hold the solution to Tim’s desperate situation.

Warnings: This title contains explicit m/m sex, anal sex, bondage and violence.

Word Count: 16,264




I moved Tim as directed onto his back holding his legs widely apart, my hard shaft positioned at his clenched sphincter. “Do it! Brian shouted and kneeling behind me he reached over my shoulders to hold his brother’s legs even further apart. I placed my hands on Tim’s slender hips to hold his butt steady as I pressed forward.

“Ow! The kid shrieked as my cockhead pierced his anal ring. “Please stop! It hurts!” Before I could consider stopping, Brian pressed against my back and forced me forward, thrusting a couple of inches of my fat cock into Tim’s shitter. “Owww!” Tim wailed and Brian lunges forward again impelling more of my hard shaft into his brother’s innards. Realizing the situation, Tim lay still and whimpered as Brian continued to impale his younger brother with my eight inches of hard thick cock.

Once I was fully embedded in Tim’s violated asshole, Brian reached around me, grasped the kid’s dick and stroked it. It was slippery with precum and lube from before I arrived and the subsequent cock sucking foreplay. Brian got it hard with his caresses. Tim’s entire body was flushed from the exertion of being fucked for the first time and the embarrassment of having his brother bring his dick to full erection.

“Hold his legs up,” Brian told me as he released Tim’s enlivened shaft. “I’m going to fuck you while you screw the brat.” He quickly covered his erection with a condom, lubed it up, and applied a little lube up my hole with a couple of fingers. “I know you’d like me to fuck you, Bro, but that would be wrong. This is the next best thing so enjoy it!”

“Holy fucking crap! He’s using me to fuck Tim for him. It won’t be long before he doesn’t bother with a go between. He wants his little brother’s hot ass and Tim wants it too! He’s ready to come any moment from the eroticism of the scene.”

With both brothers so turned on it wasn’t long before I was on the verge of orgasm. Again Brian surprised me by reaching down and adding a finger next to my cock in Tim’s rectum. That did it and I flooded the condom buried in Tim’s ass with cum. Brian wouldn’t let me pull out. He wrapped his other arm around me and jerked Tim’s cock until the youngster blasted a load into his brother’s hand. The convulsions in Tim’s anus on my post-ejaculation sensitive shaft were almost unbearable and I fired off a second round.

“Hot damn! He made you come twice!” Tim yelled in amazement. Brian’s cock throbbed in my hole and he came, his body quivering as he clutched me tightly. I thought I heard him mumble his brother’s name lost as he was in his orgasm.

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